Best 8 Foot Ladders

5 Best 8 Foot Ladders Of 2024: Expert’s Pick

8-foot ladders are built for demanding jobs.

Since it sits on the sweet spot between the 6-foot ladder and the 10-foot ladder, it is one of the most popular ladder segments among professionals and DIYers alike.

ImageLaddersWeightLoad CapacityMaterialCheck Price
Little Giant MightyLite Ladder25 Pounds375 PoundsFiberglass
Louisville Ladder Fs200821 Pounds250 PoundsFiberglass
WolfWise Aluminum Telescoping Ladder14.77 Pounds330 PoundsAluminum
Hailo Aluminium Step Ladder22.22 Pounds330 PoundsAluminum
Werner P6208 Fiberglass Ladder44 Pounds300 PoundsFiberglass

The greatest reach of an 8-foot ladder is 12 feet (assuming a 5 ft 6 in. person with a vertical 12 in. reach), making it perfect for housework as well as professional contract jobs.

There are different 8-foot ladders available today in the market.

And in this article, we are reviewing these 5 best 8 foot ladders that have the great built quality and are most popular in their segment.

  • Little Giant MightyLite 8 Ft Ladder
  • Louisville Ladder Fs2008 Step Ladder
  • WolfWise Aluminum Telescoping Ladder
  • Hailo 8-Ft Aluminium Step Ladder
  • Werner P6208 Fiberglass Platform Ladder

Things To Consider Before Buying A  Ladder?

Following are the four things that you should keep in mind when buying a ladder

Selecting Appropriate Ladder

Different tasks require different ladder types.

Will you be working around electric wires? Coz, in that case, you need a fiberglass ladder.

Will you be using the ladder to clean the gutter?, then you need a telescopic ladder or an extension ladder and not an A-frame ladder.

The point here is, do your research about the ladder-type that will suit your job.

Doing some research and buying the appropriate ladder would save you a lot of hassle when using the ladder.

Choosing The Correct Ladder: Height And Reach

When it comes to picking the correct ladder, there are two aspects to consider.

The method for calculating them varies depending on the type of ladder you’re using.

The length of the ladder when open, as well as the greatest height you wish to reach, are determined based on an average person’s height of 5’9″ and a vertical reach of 12″.

So, if you know how high you want to go, say 10 feet, you’ll probably buy an 8-foot step ladder, which will allow you to securely stand almost 4 feet over the ground.

Proper Weight Capacity

An extremely heavy-duty ladder isn’t required for most residential users.

Professionals, on the other hand, must ensure that the ladder they use can sustain them and their equipment.

Knowing what duty ratings are can simply answer all of this.

Corrosion resistance

It’s ideal for building projects that require a lot of strength.

Painting, roofing, and siding are all possibilities.

They’re safe to use with electricity as long as they’re clean and dry.

They should not be used near electricity since they are conductive and might cause an accident.

Five Best 8 Foot Ladders

Little Giant MightyLite 8 Ft Ladder

Light Weight: First and foremost, the MightyLite is much lighter than any standard step ladder of equal size.

Supreme Design: Second, the MightyLite’s design keeps users from standing on the top rung, which is the leading cause of serious ladder falls.

Patented Ground Cue: Finally, the MightyLite’s patented-pending Ground Cue avoids injuries by indicating when it is safe to disembark the ladder.

Has Treads And Deck: With broad comfy treads on each rung and a very roomy, comfortable standing deck, the MightyLite no-pinch platform design opens effortlessly from a small 5” storage profile.

Its ingenious top cap keeps all of your tools within easy reach—no more treks up and down the ladder looking for tools or hardware.

Standing Platform: Foot strain is reduced and safety is improved by using a comfortable standing platform.

Hooks And Grooves: To store supplies close at hand, the top cap has hooks, portholes, slots, and grooves.

Wide Rungs: Wide 3” rungs with treads improve comfort when climbing and standing.


Item Weight: 25 pounds

Weight Capacity: 375 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎98 x 24 x 4 inches

Size: ‎8 Ft.

Max Reach: 12′ 2”

Color: Green

Material: ‎Fiberglass

Check the product on Amazon.

Louisville Ladder Fs2008 Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder is an 8-foot medium-duty fiberglass stepladder that has 250 pounds load capability.

It has the distinctive “Pro Top” features to increase the user’s performance when working on electrical and residential chores.

Louisville Ladder Fs2008 Step Ladder
Louisville Ladder Fs2008 Step Ladder

Conductive Fiberglass: This 8-foot step ladder is composed of non-conductive fiberglass of the highest quality.
Pro-top System With Patent: The V-shape Pro Top allows the ladder to lean against walls, buildings, and poles, and it comes with a number of functions to help you perform better on electrical, construction and residential projects.

Multi-purpose Tray: To improve efficiency and exceptional durability, the Pro top has a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder.

Molded With Handyman’s Tool: Molded top with Handyman’s tool slots making work easier.

Sturdy And Strong: You won’t find a more durable, dependable ladder than this one, with its 250-pound capacity, beautiful design, and smooth finish.

Ultimate Stability: It includes slip-resistant rubber feet on all four legs, as well as aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread.

Made Of High-Tech Fiberglass: This ladder has a non-conductive fiberglass frame which makes it safe to use for electrical works.

High Shear Strength: To improve user safety, solid aluminum rivets have a 30% higher shear strength than solid aluminum rivets.


Item Weight ‎21 pounds

Load Capacity: 250 Pounds

Product Dimensions ‎97 x 25 x 7 inches

Size ‎8-Feet/250lb

Material ‎Fiberglass

Warranty Description ‎Limited warranty.

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WolfWise Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This ladder is the homeowners’ best buddy.

Since it can be extended to different heights, it can be utilized for a variety of indoor tasks including lighting, accessing high-top shelves, and so on.

Sturdy And Lightweight: This sturdy yet lightweight ladder weighs only 14.7 pounds, making it physically manageable for a single person.

Its small size (18.530.51.9 in) allows it to fit into tight areas like beneath the bed or in the trunk of a car.

Smooth internal Structure: Due to the upgrade of the internal structure, each step falls slowly and smoothly when retracting.

One-button Retraction: Retracting the ladder from full length takes only 5-8 seconds, making it both convenient and safe.

Premium Build Quality: The ladder is made of aerospace-engineered 6061 aluminum alloy with a Clean Touch anodized finish.

Easy Storage: The ladder retracts to a fourth of its full length of 8.5 feet for easy storage in your vehicle or other transportation.

Considerate design: Built-in carrying handle with heavy-duty closing strap for easy storage and transportation.


Weight: 14.77lb

Max Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Full Length: 8.5FT

Min Size: 18.5×30.5×1.9 in

Material: Aluminum

Max. standing height: 4.92FT

Learn more about this ladder on Amazon.

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Hailo 8-Ft Aluminium Step Ladder

Hailo has been trying to make labor activities safer and easier for homeowners, home improvement workers, and professionals since its establishment in 1947.

EN 131 Certificate: Hailo ladders are designed and manufactured in Germany, go through the most rigorous testing standards, and are approved by European Safety Standard EN 131.

Powder-coated Treads: This ladder stands out from the competitors because of the black powder-coated anti-slip ribbed treads and platform, as well as its bright red retractable stability handle.

Tray And Slot Options: You get a pretty well-thought-out work tray with slots for keeping paint rollers and different tiny components, as well as three adjustable coated hooks for holding a range of objects including tools.

A quick-release bucket strap is also included.

In-built Safety Features: With features like a built-in platform lock, finger-pinch prevention coverings on the hinges, grooved plastic feet, and an adjustable work handle, you can be certain that the L100 series will help you perform your chores securely.

Great Built Quality: The Hailo L100 pro is made of top-quality aluminum that can support weight up to 330 pounds.


Weight ‎22.2 pounds

Dimensions ‎101.2 x 22 x 6.7 inches

Country of Origin: ‎Germany

Item model number: ‎0850-827

Color: ‎Black

Style ‎Platform: Folding

Material: ‎Aluminum, Plastic

Warranty Description: ‎Manufacturer limited 10 years.

Learn more about this ladder on Amazon.

Werner P6208 Fiberglass Platform Ladder

Werner is known for making some of the tp quality ladders in the industry. And its new p6208 is no exception.

It is made of high-grade fiberglass which makes the ladder very sturdy and also suitable to use for electrical work.

Werner P6208 Fiberglass Platform Ladder
Werner P6208 Fiberglass Platform Ladder 

Heavy Duty Ladder: The duty rating of this heavy-duty fiberglass platform ladder is 300 pounds (Type IA).

Spacious: The platform is large enough to provide a safe and pleasant working environment.

Edge Technology: The ladder has proprietary EDGE technology for greater bracing strength and damage resistance.

Slip-Resistant Traction: Tred stairs, strengthened top connections, and a safety guard rail are also included to encourage appropriate ladder use.


Weight: ‎44 pounds

Load Capacity: 300 pounds

Size: ‎8 feet

Material: ‎Fiberglass

Product Dimensions ‎5 x 33.9 x 120 inches

Item model number: ‎P6208

Warranty Description: ‎Lifetime against parts and labor

Check its latest price on Amazon.


So these were the 5 best 8 foot ladders that are available in the market today. We hope that that article was helpful in finding the appropriate ladder for your job.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section and we will get back to you.