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4 Best Orchard Ladders For Fruit Picking

Every job requires tools specialized for that particular job. The same goes for ladders. If you are looking for the best orchard ladder for fruit picking or are confused about whether to get one then this article is for you.

4 Best Orchard Ladders Fruit Picking

ImageNameWeight CapacityCheck Price
Werner FTP6212 Tripod Ladder300 pounds
Louisville Ladder FT1512 Tripod Ladder300 pounds
Louisville Ladder Step/Shelf Ladder300 pounds
Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001 Ladder375 pounds

Not all ladders are made equal.

Ordinary ladders cannot be used in orchards for picking fruits or doing other work as they have limited reach and features. Plus, they might not stand well on the uneven ground.

Best orchard ladder in apple farm
Orchard ladder in the apple farm

4 Best Orchard Ladders For Fruit Picking

We made the process simpler by compiling a list of the best orchard ladders in the market right now, with all the features that a good orchard ladder needs to have.

Werner FTP6212 Tripod Ladder

Werner is one of the top brands when it comes to ladders and this orchard ladder is no different. Being a tripod ladder, it is perfect for orchard work.

Werner FTP6212 Tripod Ladder
Werner FTP6212 Tripod Ladder 

There is no ladder walking as often happens with four-legged ladders. You can easily use it to get as close to the trees as possible due to the sleek design of the ladder.

But that does not mean safety will be compromised while using the ladder. Even on uneven ground, the ladder is absolutely stable to work with.

The fiberglass gives it durability and non-conductivity, which is an essential feature of orchard ladders. All its steps have traction treads for full slip resistance.

They are also double-riveted to prevent any loosening which may result in unnecessary accidents. The ladder is available in five variants – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet.


Supported base

Guarding rails over the lower part of the side rails provides extra support while using the ladder.

They create an extra-flared base of the ladder that keeps it firmly supported in the ground during use.

Damage resistance

Molded external rail shield provides a protective covering over all the rails of the ladder.

As a result, the rails are protected from all kinds of scratches and other damage from falls and impact.

Full stability

The spreader lock attaching the third leg to both the side rails prevents the ladder legs from moving when working with the ladder.

Thus, you get full stability and are protected from tumbles and slips when working.


Product Dimensions: 77.8 x 54 x 22.6 inches

Product Weight: 51 pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Available Heights: 4/6/8/10/12 feet

Number of steps: 3/5/7/9/11

Duty Rating: 300 pounds

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Louisville Ladder FT1512 Tripod Ladder

Every Louisville ladder is known for its strength and durability, and this is no different.

With a 300-pound duty rating, this ladder can easily carry any weight that is usually necessary for working in an orchard.

Louisville Ladder FT1512 Tripod Ladder
Louisville Ladder FT1512 Tripod Ladder

Every step has double rivets connecting it to the side rails as well as angled support to keep it firmly attached to the rails.

This enhances the life of the ladder and prevents any part from coming loose.

The spreader braces keep your ladder in a firm position when in use.

Not only that, but they also help to provide a compact shape to the ladder when you are storing or carrying it.

There is also a tool tray at the top that you can use to hold all your equipment while working.

This reduces much of your load and keeps you from having too much to handle.



The ladder is equipped with the SHOX system.

The SHOX system was designed especially to give ladders protection against all kinds of rough handling, abuse, accidental impact, and general damage and increase durability.

Higher Accessibility

The tripod design of the ladder allows you to reach places other ladder designs could not have gotten you into.

You can easily access any part of the tree you are working on, as the third leg can be fit into tighter spaces than the full-back portion of any other kind of ladder.

Slip Resistance

The ladder has special raptor boots that have thick, non-marring grooves.

This provides the ladder with superior slip resistance and prevents any accidental slips, especially on wet ground.


Product Dimensions: 145 x 58 x 7 inches

Product Weight: 59 pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Available Heights: 4/6/8/10/12 feet

Number of steps: 3/5/7/9/11

Duty Rating: 300 pounds

Warranty: 1 year

Learn more about it on Amazon.


Louisville Ladder Step/Shelf Ladder

Another Louisville on the list, this, however, is a step ladder.

But that does not mean it is unsuitable for orchard work. On the contrary, it is equipped with all the features necessary to make it usable in an orchard.

Louisville Ladder Step/Shelf Ladder
Louisville Ladder Step/Shelf Ladder

It is made of fiberglass, which imparts sturdiness and non-conductivity to the ladder.

On top of that, it has a 300-pound capacity, so there is no chance of weakening or mid-work breakage that can endanger your life.

Equipped with a tool tray that has a hardware tray, magnet tray, drill, and tool slots, as well as a pipe or 2×4 holder, it allows you to have your hands free for much-needed support.

The highly grooved rubber feet and treaded steps prevent all kinds of slips and slides.

The reinforcement plates around the rails and the spreader lock provide full stability while using the ladder.



The front and back portions of the ladder are connected by a hinge.

This allows it to be used as a step ladder in the extended configuration and as a shelf ladder in the folded position.

Thus, you can easily change up the configuration of the ladder depending on the kind of space you want to work in.

V-shaped Pro Top

The ladder is fitted with a Pro Top with a v-shaped groove.

This allows you to support the ladder easily against tree trunks in its shelf ladder configuration.

It also makes it easy to work in corners without needing to adjust every time you need to get into a slightly shifted position.

Safety Standard-compliant

A ladder that complies with all the industry standards can be trusted to keep you safe during work. The Louisville ladder meets every OSHA and ANSI industry standard and exceeds them. So you can use it without worry.


Product Dimensions: 146 x 33 x 7 inches

Product Weight: 48 pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Available Heights: 4/6/8/10/12 feet

Number of steps: 3/5/7/9/11

Duty Rating: 300 pounds

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Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001 Ladder

This is one of the most popular ladders in the market for all kinds of work, including orchard work.

Its high weight capacity and multiple configurations allow you to use it anywhere and for any purpose without the risks that come with adjusting.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001 Ladder
Little Giant Ladder Systems 15131-001 Ladder

Being made of fiberglass, it is fully non-conductive and safe to use near electric circuits.

The steps are wide, treaded, and comfortable to stand on even if you have been working for hours.

It is made of black resin fiberglass, which prevents any kind of fading or peeling after long hours in the sun.

You can use it at many different heights and ground levels due to the independently telescoping steps. This makes it one of the most versatile ladders for orchard work.


Heavy Duty

This ladder packs in a whopping 375 pounds weight capacity, which means that it well exceeds the usual weight that an orchard ladder needs to carry.

Thus, you will have more than enough support and will be absolutely safe while on the ladder.


The ladder has 4 height configurations and multiple angle positions of the back and front. The height of the front and back rails can also be changed independently.

This allows the ladder to be used in a large number of configurations, depending on the ground levels and the space available.


The rock locks and grip handle allow the ladder to be locked securely into place in whichever configuration you choose to use.

There is no chance of the lock sliding out o place and such incidents can cause you danger.


Product Dimensions: 9 x 36 x 73 inches inches

Product Weight: 39.7 pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Available Heights: 5-8 and 6-10 feet

Duty Rating: 375 pounds

What Are The Special Features Of Orchard Ladders?

There are obviously some special criteria that orchard ladders must qualify to be classified as so.

The fact that they have to be used outdoors, in a garden, and on uneven ground to pick fruits from trees influences what salient characteristics these ladders must possess.

Let us look at these features:

Stability – This requirement is a must for using the ladder on uneven ground. Unless you can ensure that the ladder can be made snug on the ground, it would be dangerous to use it for orchard work.

You could fall and injure yourself not only from hitting the ground but also from sharp points like stones or thorns that could be around.

Accessibility – Orchard ladders must have a structure that would allow you to reach the heights and distances where the fruits are.

If an orchard ladder does not take you farther than the nearest branches, there is no point in using it. Always remember that you should not overreach; let the ladder take you comfortably to the point you need to be.

Water Resistance – Orchards will have no dearth of water. Rain, water drops on trees, water from sprinklers or pipes, and puddles are all present in orchards.

Unless your orchard ladder is waterproof, it will rust in the presence of these sources of water and degrade to the point of uselessness and danger to the user.

Safety(correct body position) – Your orchard ladder should have safety features to support your body when using it.

The horizontal bar at the top of the platform ladder, handrails, and safety harnesses are some components that you should look for in an orchard ladder.

Free Movement – An orchard ladder should allow you to move freely to pick the fruits without losing balance.

It should protect you against overreaching, but still, allow you to get where you need to be. Ladder swivel shoes, telescopic legs, and folding parts are meant to achieve just that.

Durability – This should be a property every ladder should have, an orchard ladder more so.

Orchard ladders have to tolerate a lot of harsh elements like water, impact, scratches, soil minerals, tree chemicals, and so on, which can corrode its body.

A durable, non-reactive, and sturdy material should be used in making the ladder.

What To Check When Buying An Orchard Ladder For Picking Fruit?

An orchard ladder is used in the special conditions observed only in a garden, as we discussed above.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the orchard ladder you are buying ticks all the boxes to ensure that they are suitable for use in an orchard.

For that, you must check certain features in the ladder, as are given below.

Type – The type of ladder must take priority when buying an orchard ladder. We will always recommend you to go for a tripod ladder.

But using this ladder demands special training. If you do not have that, it is a good idea to start off with a platform ladder with the required add-ons fitted.

But at the end of the day, you should use your discretion in the matter, depending on the kind of trees in your orchard.

Reach – The reach of your ladder basically refers to the maximum height of the ladder. It should depend on the average height of your trees.

A ladder too short could make you overreach and one too high will not find the correct support or give your body the right alignment.

Use the 4-1 rule with the Pythagoras theorem to calculate the required ladder height. This rule has been discussed in the next section.

Height Adjustability – A ladder with adjustable height is a blessing for those working in an orchard.

You will be able to choose your ladder keeping a range of height in mind, which is easier to shop for.

It also eliminates the need for you to overreach at any point.

Duty Rating – No matter for what purpose you are buying a ladder, the duty rating must be checked.

When buying an orchard ladder, you should add the maximum weight of the people who are going to climb it as well as the weight of tools and fruits they may be carrying while atop the ladder.

Stabilization Feature – In the case of the platform and multiway ladders, these would be leg levelers.

Variations of the straight ladder usually do not need any extra stabilizing component, but you can always use levelers for peace of mind.

Tripod ladders are naturally stabilized due to having three legs.

Weight – This is a slightly tricky decision. A light ladder will be easier to carry and handle.

It will also take less damage on impact if it falls against a tree or on the ground.

But a heavier ladder will be less likely to tip over in the first place due to a lower center of gravity.

We advise you to try out the ladder once before buying to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Durability – This must be checked through several factors. The duty rating of the ladder, the constituent materials, the water-resistance as well as the warranty period will help you decide on the durability of the ladder.

A higher duty rating, hardier material, and longer warranty period ensure better durability. Whereas the other factor is decided largely by the conditions of your garden.

Material – Orchard ladders are usually found in three materials. These are wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Wood is a better insulator and protects you better if there are electric cables or equipment nearby.

But aluminum is lighter and more durable. The pros of both these materials are combined in fiberglass ladders, but they are costlier than the other two options.

Steps – Never forget to check the steps of the ladder before buying. They should be wide and deeply grooved or fitted with non-slip rubber to ensure sufficient comfort and friction.

This, in turn, will allow you to achieve greater stability and security while using the ladder.

Safety Tips For Using An Orchard Ladder

You may make sure your orchard ladder has every safety feature possible and yet end up with a serious accident.

Most of these accidents can be avoided if you follow some safety rules yourself. Precaution is better than cure, which is why the rules given below will save you a lot of trouble.

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Ladder Inspection – Most defects and faults in the ladder will be detected in this first step itself.

Uneven legs, loose components, rusted or dented parts, and wobbly steps are some of the things that are better noticed during inspection than when you have already mounted the ladder.

Firm-ground – Ladders on soft ground are a very bad idea.

If you place your ladder on muddy or gravelly ground, it may sin or skid. Both these will result in imbalance leading to dangerous falls.

Electricity Safety – It is not unusual for electric lines to pass through orchards to power lights, sprinklers, and other electrical equipment.

If you are using a ladder made of a conductive material like aluminum, you might even get electrocuted from bare wires. Always check nearby wires and wear non-conductive shoes when using the ladder.

Water Safety – Water can easily get on orchard ladders.

When they do, they make the steps slippery in spite of anti-slip treads. Not only that, but they also make you more prone to electric shocks.

Always make sure the steps of the ladder are dry before climbing it. If they are not, dry them, and only then should you mount.

4-1 Rule– This is used to determine how high you can climb the ladder based on its slant.

For every four feet, you have to climb on the ladder, you should move the ladder one foot away from the base of the support.

When buying the ladder, use the maximum height you need to climb and the corresponding distance you have to keep from the base of the support in that case to calculate the height of the orchard ladder you should get.

Correct Positioning Of The Ladder – When you are using a platform ladder, the only safe position is when the legs are fully separated from each other.

For straight ladders, this is determined by the 4-1 ladder rule as well as by keeping the ladder in a position where the rungs are parallel to the ground.

For a tripod ladder, you should always have the third leg uphill when working on uneven ground.

Movement Restriction – Even if all the above conditions are met, nothing can save you from accidents if you are in the habit of overreaching.

Overreaching shifts the line of your center of gravity from that of the ladder.

A shift too fast will cause an imbalance in the system and causes you to topple over.


What type of ladder should I buy?

When talking about orchard ladders, the type of ladder that comes first to mind is always the tripod ladder.

It was created especially to suit the conditions in an orchard and is, therefore, the best choice for your orchard.

But you might want t go for another type if you feel it suits you better.

Why use an orchard ladder?

An orchard ladder has the safety and other features that make it suitable for the special conditions in an orchard.

A traditional ladder will lack these and this will make your orchard work uncomfortable, if not outright dangerous.

What is an orchard ladder?

When talking generally, an orchard ladder usually refers specifically to the tripod ladder.

But when talking in more particular terms, an orchard ladder can be any ladder optimized to be used in an orchard.

How do you use an orchard ladder?

An orchard ladder, by which we mean the tripod ladder, is used by opening up the legs fully and making sure they are in place.

Lock the legs into place if it has such a mechanism.

Adjust the position of the ladder to give you good reach in the direction you wish to work in.

Make sure you are taking the necessary precautions.

It also would not hurt to have someone nearby just in case.

How do you secure a ladder to a tree?

A ladder should always be secured to the tree at the top. For spike ladders, this refers to the cap at the top of the ladder, while for the open-top ladders, this refers to the top rung.


An orchard ladder is a substantial investment. If you make the right choice, it can last you years or even a lifetime.

A poor choice can not only result in all your money going to waste, but it can also fatally endanger your life. An orchard has more dangers than the interiors of a house.

This makes it extra important that you follow every guideline when buying an orchard ladder.

You can use the verified list we have provided or choose your own depending on your needs, which you will, of course, understand best yourself.