Floating Dock Ladders

Floating Dock Ladders: 7 Best Ladders For Floating Docks

Can you imagine safe docks without proper floating dock ladders? Absolutely not. Unless the water level is not that deep, everyone needs a dock ladder to safely and comfortably climb to the dock without hurting themselves.

And even if the water level is just as deep as a standard swimming pool, you need a dock ladder to get up from the water.

That’s why you need a dock ladder and you need a good one that will match your dock’s environment and live up to your expectations. But choosing a perfect dock ladder is not easy, especially if you’ve never bought one yourself.

In this article, we’re going to reveal everything you need to know before buying a floating dock ladder.

7 Best Ladders For Floating Docks

Image Name No of StepsWeight CapacityCheck Price
Dock Edge Wide Step Dock Ladder5665 pounds
RecPro Marine Dock Ladder4300 pounds
Dock Ladder by Dock Edge4500 pounds
Extreme Max Dock Ladder5300 pounds
JIF Marine Dock Ladder5750 pounds
Hoffen 4-Step Docking Ladder4600 pounds
Anodized Dock Ladder from Ortus Enterprises3550 pounds


Things to Consider Before Choosing A Floating Dock Ladder

You may need a floating dock ladder urgently. But before you hit the shop and look for one, you need to understand exactly what you should look for in a dock ladder.

Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong one which will prove to be a real pain to replace or even return.

That’s why we’re going to discuss the crucial things you should consider before buying a floating dock ladder either for yourself or someone else. Here are the things you should consider before making your final decision.

Intuitive Ladder Design

No matter what kind of floating dock ladder you choose to buy, it should be easy to use. The ladder should be designed in a way that you can use it almost intuitively without spending minutes analyzing how to step on it safely.

For example, a good dock ladder may have handles for added safety and stability. This way, you can come out of water or boat without worrying about slipping down.

You can even buy a sliding dock ladder that you can slide towards the water body when necessary so it won’t hinder normal marine activities.

No matter the type, you should always consider the demographics of people who’ll use it.

For example, if a dock ladder will be used by older people, then it should have a handle for extra protection so they can easily use it.

Also, you should also consider the available space of the dock. Because there is no point to have a long dock ladder if your dock is relatively shallow.

Understand Your Dock’s Design

You can’t buy a perfect floating dock ladder for you without understanding your dock’s design. The type of ladder you will be using depends a lot on your dock’s design.

The type of water, its depth, if the dock has enough space, or the size of it, all of them are important things to consider when you’ll be buying a dock ladder for you.

So, go and check your dock’s design before you start your shopping.

Consider Ladder Material

The material you choose for your dock ladder is as important as choosing a perfect ladder design. Just think how frustrated you would be if your dock ladder can’t withstand the water and get damaged quickly for the effects of water.

That’s why you should always choose a ladder material that doesn’t get affected by rusting such as stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum.

Dock ladders made of these materials can withstand water and do not get affected by rust. In turn, you get a ladder that lasts long and you don’t have to worry about changing it frequently.

Water Depth and Type

If you want your ladder to last long and provide you unmatched service, then you have to take the water depth and type into account.

Different kinds of water such as freshwater and salty water can affect your ladder differently. Some ladder materials are only good for freshwater while others work best in salty water.

Some ladder can even withstand both types of water.

Also, you have to consider the depth of the water to get a dock ladder of perfect length. That’s how you can choose a perfect ladder for you.


Best Floating Dock Ladders You Can Buy

So far, you know what you should look out for while buying a floating dock ladder. You already know more about the dock ladder than anyone else. But because of its complex nature, it can be quite bothersome to sort out a perfect one for you.

So, to help you out and give you a head start, here is the list of 7 best dock ladders you can buy right now. Let’s dig straight in…

Dock Edge Wide Step Dock Ladder

Made of 1.25-inch aluminum tube and 4-inch steps, you can use this dock ladder from Dock Edge with a feeling a complete safety.

With a gap of 12 inches between two steps, this dock ladder won’t make you feel cramped so you can climb through it with ease.

This amazing dock ladder has a dimension of 6 x 21 x 54.5 inches and it’s just 8.44 lbs in weight. So, if you want a safe dock ladder for your climbing needs, you should get one of these immediately.


No Sharp Edges

This amazing dock ladder non-skid rung which does not have any sharp edge. So, you can climb up or down using this ladder without punishing your hands too much.

Marine Grade Built Material

This dock ladder is made of rust-proof marine grade heavy-duty aluminum. This makes the ladder light yet very strong and it can withstand any tasks related to water. The built material is corrosion-proof which makes the ladder last long.

A 5-Step Ladder

This floating dock ladder consists of a total of 5 steps with enough gap between each step so you can easily climb the ladder without worrying about falling down.

Click here to know more about it on Amazon.


RecPro Marine Dock Ladder

If you’re looking for a minimalist dock ladder that you can use with ease, then look no further than RecPro Marine Dock Ladder. This large ladder comes with four 20” x 4” boarding steps that will help you climb it comfortably.

This rust-resistance dock ladder exceeds the safety standards and is able to hold up to 300 lbs of weight.


Intuitive Design

This dock ladder comes with an intuitive design so you can climb on it with ease. Thanks to its simplified design, you’ll no longer have to spend hours before understanding how to climb up using this ladder safely.


This ladder comes with an anodized finish which effectively prevents corrosion and makes the ladder a durable one that will stand the test of time.

Extra-long Handrails

RecPro dock ladder has extra-tall handrails which will help you support yourself while climbing up through the ladder.

You can check its price and other specs here. (link to Amazon)


Dock Ladder by Dock Edge

If you want to get to the dry land from the water with maximum comfort, then this dock ladder from Dock Edge.

This ladder is only 22.1 lbs in weight but it has an awesome maximum weight holding capacity of 500 lbs.

It has an elegant dimension of 54 x 21 x 12 inches and you can swing it out of the way when you’re not using it.


Angled Structure

This ladder is roto-molded which helps it to extend towards the water at an angle of 6o degrees. This helps the user to get out of the water with ease.

Tough and Durable

Thi dock ladder is covered with UV inhibitors and fungicides that prevent the ladder from getting affected by the fungus which can make the ladder slippery and cause serious accidents.

Also, you can rotate the ladder up and down and lock it in an angle to easily place it in the way you want.

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Extreme Max Dock Ladder

If you want a retractable dock ladder that you can slide open and change its length, then this dock ladder from Extreme Max is the best choice for you.

With a total extendable depth of 80” with a 12” gap between the steps, this ladder is made to provide you with total comfort.

It has a phenomenal 2-year warranty and has an amazing weight-holding capacity of 300 lbs.


Sturdy Design

It features a corrosion-free aluminum design that will not be affected by the water’s harmful effects easily. Also, once you extend your ladder to the desired length, you can easily lock that so the ladder won’t feel shaky.

This makes this ladder one of the sturdiest ladders you can buy that will last long.

Easy Installation

This dock ladder is made while keeping your comfort in mind. You can install this dock ladder all by yourself with ease using common tools.

You can use this ladder on almost every dock which takes a lot of pressure off you.

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JIF Marine Dock Ladder

Do you want a highly functioning, retractable dock ladder that comes with amazing features to fulfill all your dock climbing needs? In that case, this dock ladder from JIF Marine is the right choice for you.

It weighs at 29.2 lbs and is extendable up to the depth of 50.5 inches.

It features a double-handle lock mechanism that will make it easy to slide the ladder down and hold it firmly once you extend it to your desired depth.

Its product dimension is 50.5 x 23.2 x 8 inches.


Anodized Aluminum

This ladder is made of anodized aluminum which prevents rusting and water-related corrosion. In turn, this ultimately increases the life of the ladder which saves you both your precious time and money.

5-step Ladder

This retractable floating dock ladder has a total of 5 steps so you can reach really deep into the water from the dock without having to jump and splash water everywhere.

On the other hand, it’s a retractable ladder so you can adjust how deep you want to extend the ladder which gives you a significant advantage.

Check-out this dock ladder on Amazon.


Hoffen 4-Step Docking Ladder

If you want an extra-tall and comfortable ladder with the universal self-supporting system, then this dock ladder from Hoffen is what you’re looking for.

It’s made of comfortable 2” wide steps with a distance between two steps being 10”.

It features 4 extra wide telescopic steps that are not only stylish but also give you more support to hold your feet.


Amazing Weight-holding Capacity

This ladder has an incredible weight holding capacity of 600 lbs which allows you to climb the ladder up while holding something relatively heavy with you.

Now, you can pull up anything to the dock with you without worrying about broken steps and some kind of accident.

Easy Mounting

This floating dock ladder comes with an easy step by step mounting guide which will help you mount this dock ladder with ease. With the help of this guide, you can easily mount the ladder and start using it right away.

Click here to learn more about this ladder. (link to Amazon)


Anodized Dock Ladder from Ortus Enterprises

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about extra features and want a simple and vintage style dock ladder, then you’re the right fit for the Anodized dock ladder made by Ortus Enterprise.

It’s a 3-step ladder is easy to mount thanks to the additional mounting kit comes with it.

This ladder comes with a total length of 54” with a dock-to-water length of 34.5” and it weighs about 19 lbs.


Anodized Matte Finish

This floating dock ladder is made of anodized aluminum that has a matte finish. Therefore, this ladder is not only immune to water-based corrosion but it also helps you get a firm and non-slip grip once you hold its handles. This feature is particularly helpful when you’re climbing up wet after staying inside the water for a while.

Stylish and Tubular Aluminum

Made of tubular aluminum with its vintage matte style make this ladder a stylish one which will make you remember about your old days. In addition to this, you’ll get a safer dock environment and will be able to move freely without much restraint. All these features make this ladder a must-have for your dock.

Check its latest price and other features on Amazon.


How to Attach A Floating Dock Ladder

If you want to attack a dock ladder to your dock, you should generally join the ladder frame with the dock’s joists with 2-4 corrosion-free bolts on each side.

However, if the dock is made of multiple materials, then you need to use backing, for example, a 2 x 4 wooden board. Otherwise, the bolts might get loose and your ladder will be right inside the water.

But if you don’t want to attach the ladder permanently to the dock, then you should use a quick-release kit. The kit consists of 2 rust-proof bar made of either galvanized aluminum or stainless steel.

You can place the bars on the dock and then hold the ladder on top of it until you or your partner add them with a removable pin.

This is quite useful where the temperature frequently drops to near freezing point.


If you’ve come this far, then congratulations! Now you know the basics of buying good floating dock ladders and you also have a starting point to hunt down the right dock ladder for your specific needs.

Still, before you plan to buy a dock ladder, make sure you have considered everything there is to buy the perfect one for you, which you won’t regret.

Make sure you focus on your deck design, water type, and depth while selecting your dock ladder.

For starting out, you can also check out the 7 best dock ladder we’ve carefully selected to see if you get your desired ladder there.

Finally, remember to set up the dock ladder properly. If you do all this and follow these steps, you can never go wrong while buying one floating dock ladder for you or anyone else.

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