High Ceiling Ladders - Best Ladders For High Ceilings

3 Best High Ceiling Ladders: Must Have To Reach High Ceilings

Reaching a high ceiling is tough.  If you wanted to clean or paint the high ceiling, traditional methods like scaffolding can work, but they are too expensive, hard to assemble and use. That is where the high ceiling ladders come into the picture.

3 Best Ladders For High Ceilings

ImageNameHeightWeightWeight CapacityCheck Price
Little Giant Ladders Sky-Scraper21 Feet103 Pounds600 Pounds (300 pounds on each side)
Louisville AS1020 Aluminium 20 Feet Ladder20 Feet92.4 Pounds300 Pounds
Werner T7416 16 Feet Fiberglass Ladder16 Feet103.5 Pounds300 Pounds

In this post, we will talk about the 3 best ladders you can get if you have a high ceiling. But before that let us talk about why high ceiling ladders are better.

How We Selected These ladders?

  • All the ladders in the list are tall enough to reach the high ceilings
  • We gave the built quality a top priority. All the ladders here are made of high-grade aluminum. They all exceed OSHA and ANSI standards
  • They all have a weight capacity of more than 250 pounds( some have 300 pounds as well)
  • We have considered the user reviews and picked the best ones accordingly.

3 Best High Ceiling Ladders

Here is the list of the 3 best ladders you can get for your ceiling works.

Little Giant Ladders 10121F Sky-Scraper

Okay! So this is the best ladder for a high ceiling among all the ladders that we have come across.

And it is claimed to be the tallest A-frame ladder in the world by Little Giant.

Little Giant Ladders 10121 Sky-Scraper
Little Giant Ladders 10121 Sky-Scraper

With a reach of 21 feet, it can reach the furthest corner of the ceiling where no other traditional ladder can reach. It is an economical and safe way to extreme heights.

And it is a much better option than those expensive lifts and scaffolding systems.

Also, since this ladder is portable, Little Giant Sky-Scraper can be used in places where scaffolding and lift can’t go.

This ladder can even be used on uneven surfaces. Its legs can be adjusted to use the ladder on stairs and other uneven surfaces.

So now painting those walls and ceilings above the staircase is much easier than before!

Built with high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum, this ladder is sturdy and strong.

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds on each side, it can be used by people at the same time.

Working on such heights is always scary.

Thanks to the wide flare of the ladder, which provides outstanding stability even on uneven surfaces.

Other Specifications

Weight: 103 pounds

Dimension: 8 x 43 x 139 inches

Size: 21 feet

Material: Aluminium

Learn more about this ladder on Amazon.

Louisville AS1020 Aluminium 20 Foot Ladder

This strong and sturdy 20-foot aluminum is another great ladder for high ceilings.

Made of high-grade aluminum, the Louisville ASS1020 ladder has a load capacity of 300 pounds(weight of user and tools together).

Louisville AS1020 Aluminium 20 Foot Ladder
Louisville AS1020 Aluminium 20 Foot Ladder

It is very important for long ladders to have safety trends on their legs.

This ladder has thick rubber thread on all four of its legs to provide secure footing.

Its thick rubber treads not provide a good grip to the ladder with the ground but also prevent slipping making it secure and safe to use.

Weighing 92 pounds, the Louisville AS1020 ladder exceeds the safety standard set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA).

Other Specifications

Weight: 92 pounds

Dimension: 241.7 x 42.9 x 7.5 inches

Size: 20 feet

Material: Aluminium

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Werner T7416 16 Feet Fiberglass Ladder

If your ceiling is around 15 to 18 feet high, then the Werner T7416 ladder is a perfect choice.

It is a type IA ladder that has a 300 pounds rated ladder(on each side).

Two-person can climb on each side of the ladder and work together(an important factor when working on such heights).

Werner T7416 16 Feet Fiberglass Ladder
Werner T7416 16 Feet Fiberglass Ladder (click to see more images)

The extruded top made of heavy gauge aluminum is makes climbing and working at the top safe.

The extruded top provides space to hold and work but also spreads the weight equally on both sides of the ladder.

Made of fiberglass, the rungs of the ladder have traction treads and are slip-resistant.

They are double riveted to hold your weight easily.

Also, the fiberglass cover at the bottom ends of the ladder provides added protection from electrical hazards and makes the ladder safe for electrical works.

These are some features that make this ladder a really strong and useful ladder.

Other Specifications

Weight:103.5 pounds

Dimension: 192 x 42.72 x 9 inches

Type: Fiberglass

Size: 16 feet

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High Ceiling Ladders VS Other Ways To Reach Ceiling

Safer to use

Using a traditional ladder can be dangerous when cleaning or painting high ceilings.

As the traditional ladders are not long enough if you use them, you need to stand on the top rung of the ladder.

And that is very dangerous!

Any kind of fall from such height can prove to be fatal and are the main cause of ladder-related injuries.

On the other hand, a high ceiling ladder is easy to use. You can reach the ceilings easily.

More Reach

These high ceiling ladders provide more reach than any other traditional ladder out there.

Also, these ladders can be adjusted as per the height of the ceiling, unlike the traditional ladder, allowing you to work at a different height.

A single ladder can be used for different height ceilings.

Ease of use

These ladders are so far the best option when it comes to reaching high ceilings. Yes, you can reach them using scaffolding systems and lifts, but then they are not as easy to use.

Moreover, moving a scaffolding system is a tough job. And you need to assemble the system as many times as you change the posting.

But with high ceiling ladders, it is easy and simple.

Just move the ladder where ever you want. You don’t even need someones to help with doing so.

It can be moved up and down the stairs easily.


A ladder can be carried by two people easily if not by one.

They weigh less than a traditional scaffolding system(high-reach ones) and lifts.

So moving it easy but is not the same in the case of scaffolding systems.

Easy to store

Storage is no problem with ladders.

These high-reach ladders are easy to store as they fold retract.

Thus they use a lot less space than their actual size.

They even cover less space than some of the traditional ladders found at homes.


So, here were the 3 best high ceiling ladders.

If you are planning to clean ceilings or change bulbs, then you can use any of these ladders.

All the ladders listed here are of great built quality.

Also, they exceed all the safety standards making them a perfect choice for working on such heights.

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