Little Giant King Kombo Review

Little Giant King Kombo Review: 6 Things To Know Before Buying

The lightweight 3-in-1 design of the Little Giant King Kombo, along with V-bar grips for corners and studs, makes it an excellent go-to ladder for professionals and DIYers alike.

For work on volume ceilings and extension ladder access above 10-1/2′, professionals and some DIYers still require a bigger A-frame ladder.

Little Giant King Kombo Specs

ImageLadderAvailable Sizes(Feet)Weight(Pounds)CapacityCheck Price
Little Giant King Kombo5-8, 6-10, 8-1020, 24,‎ 31 375 pounds(for all)

In all cases, the Little Giant King Kombo ladder is an excellent ladder that meets the OSHA and ANSI requirements.

In this post, I am going to give a detailed review of the King Kombo Ladder.

Why The Little Giant King Kombo Ladder

King Kombo gives you the flexibility you need to complete your tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With the easy pull of a single-handed hinge, the King Kombo effortlessly transforms to a stepladder, extension, and leaning position.

Little Giant King Kombo Review In Detail

Let us have a look at its specifications.

Little Giant King Kombo
Little Giant King Kombo 

Capacity And Mesurement

The IAA ratings for all Little Giant King Kombo models are 375 pounds.

For Professional use, 5-8′ and 6-10′, 8-14′ are available.

With its fiberglass rails, the Industrial 6-10 model only weighs 24 pounds.

With so many small tasks to complete, the lower weight makes it much simpler to transition from one item to the next.

It is also a lot easier to load up the truck and travel from one location to the other.

If there is a trade-off to be made here, it is within reach. Most of us can’t reach the top of a volume ceiling since our maximum standing height is 3’9′′ on the 6-10 tool (5’8′′ on the 8-14).

With your feet at 6’9′′ (10’7′′ on the 8-14), you can still utilize the extension to work around the walls, while the center of those rooms is out of reach.

Three In One Ladder

It is possible to utilize the Little Giant King Kombo 3-in-1 Extension Ladder in three different ways.

You may lean it against a wall while it’s collapsed.

To make an A-frame ladder, you just need to press the orange button on either side to swing the legs apart and then pop them back into position.

To get an extension ladder, you need to push them in again and continue swinging the legs around.

One of the things to be admired about the design is how easy it is in terms of swinging and locking.

There is not even one sliding piece that might have turned out to be a pinch point.

The model used in this is the 6-10 Industrial, which includes a 6′ A-frame ladder and a 10′ extension ladder.

Indicates when you reach the ground

There is an orange item on the bottom rung that makes an audible click when you walk on it.

It is loud enough to disturb anyone but it is really useful for letting you know when you have reached the ground.

V-Bar structure

A wall pad near the top step protects the finished surfaces when you use it as a leaning ladder.

The V-bar appears when you turn that to 180 degrees.

You can rest firmly on inside or outside corners, studs, or poles because of its superior design.

On the extension side, a second V-bar serves the same purpose.

It is something you may not realize you need until you put it to use.

Setting up your ladder on one side of a corner and turning it in, to complete the work is standard procedure.

The V-bar allows you to work as you would in any other work area, which is a feature that is worth admiring.

Design is completely stud-friendly

The backside of the ladder is thin enough to fit between 16′′ studs when used as an A-frame.

Of course, you can always lean onto one of the studs with the V-bar, but this way you have all four feet on the ground.

Leg levelers

Every job site has its own unique terrain, and your ladder should be matched to it.

You would not reach a high ceiling with a little step stool, and you would not reach a normal doorframe with a 20′ extension ladder.

You will need a ladder with leg levelers if you are working on uneven ground.

If you have to work with electricity, you will require a non-conductive fiberglass ladder.

And if you are working on high ceilings, you need a ladder to reach there.

And these features are supported by the leg levelers available in the Little Faint King KOMBO Ladder.

There are some additional features of the Little Giant King KOMBO ladder:
• Field replacement heavy-duty feet
• Wall pad feet that can be replaced
• Shields for rails
• Braces that absorb shock
• Stability is improved by the flared sides.
• The high-visibility green makes it simpler for employees and drivers to notice what’s going on.
• Fiberglass contains a component that protects it from the elements and UV rays.

Industrial specifications for Little Giant King Kombo 6-10?

• Lean, A-frame, and extension positions
• Type IAA, 375 lbs. duty rating
• A-Frame 8 feet tall 
• Extension 14 feet tall 
• Dimensions of storage: 96 x 26 x 6 inches
• Fiberglass for the rails
• 31-pound weight
• 1-year warranty

How it is different from other company ladders?

• Little Giant says that their 3-in-1 ladder is the only one of its kind, therefore they don’t have much direct competition.
• Werner’s DP6206 has a comparable size and costs around 179.99 dollars with an A-frame extension. It is, however, simply A-Type 1A (300 pounds) and does not have the V-bar.
• You can have all of the bells and whistles of the 6-10 Industrial for additional 5 dollars, which is a very good value at that low price.

Which King Kombo Ladder Should You Buy?

Our top pick is the Little Giant 8-14 Foot Multi-Use Ladder, which can be used safely up high, in a stepladder arrangement, and even on the steps.

Little Giant King Kombo
Little Giant King Kombo 



The Little Giant 8-14 Foot Multi-Use Ladder is versatile enough to be used around the house as well as on professional building projects.

Four ladders in one:

Since the Little Giant 8-14 Foot, Multi-Use Ladder is effectively four ladders in one, it can be used for everything from painting stairway walls to cleaning the gutters of a two-story home to refinishing a ceiling.

Easily reachable:

The Little Giant Velocity, when fully extended, adds 8-14 feet to your height, which is ideal for reaching the roofline of most homes or modest business buildings.


It may also be folded into a standalone Aframe for usage under trees or while working on walls or ceilings.

You may use this ladder on a staircase since its parts can be changed to different lengths.

The Little Giant 8-14 Foot King Kombo Multi-Use Ladder meets or exceeds all ANSI and OSHA safety requirements, and if it is good enough for the professionals, it is definitely good enough for us.

It can hold up to 350 pounds, so go ahead and bring some gear up there.

Pros: Flexible combinations, high weight capacity, stable and long-lasting

Cons: Expensive choice; needs time and experience to utilize properly.

What does the company say?

The KING KOMBO’s new, professional climbing gear is particularly intended to help you prevent injuries and OSHA violations. Little Giant creates ladders that address real-world issues. If there is something you cannot reach, Little Giant offers a climbing solution that will help you do the task in half the time.


If you want to learn more about ladder safety and how you and your team can operate more safely, we recommend checking out their YouTube channel, where they often upload demos and other safety how-to videos so you can remain up to speed with the latest from the ‘ladder safety company’, Little Giant.