Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution

Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution: Which One Is Best For You

Choosing a ladder can be a tough decision. And if you are comparing the features of Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution and confused which one is the best you then this article is for you.

This article is written after in-depth research about both the ladders, comparing all the features, and pros-cons to help you decide yourself.

Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution

NameLittle Giant VelocityLittle Giant Revolution
Available Sizes(In Feet)13, 17, 22, 2617, 22, 26
Ladder Weight(In Pounds)25, 30.5, 39.5, 49.5 37.5, 44, 55.5 
Weight Capacity300 Pounds300 Pounds
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Most will agree that Little Giant has some of the highest-grade articulated ladders in the market.
In fact, its Velocity and Revolution models are two of the most popular articulated ladders in the market. But how do you know which is more suitable for you?
Read on to find out.

Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution: Detail Comparision

Little Giant Velocity

The Little Giant Velocity ladder is the most sought-after ladder for common household purposes. It comes in four heights – 13, 17, 22, and 26 feet.

Thus, you can use it for working at a wide range of heights.

Little Giant Velocity
Little Giant Velocity

The Tripling-lock dual-pin hinges combined with the Rock Locks make it easy and smooth to adjust the height and configuration of the ladder.
Like a good articulating ladder, you can achieve stepladder, extension, stairway, 90-degree, and trestle and scaffold ladder shapes from it.
Combined with the height adjustments, you get a large number of configurations that you can use according to the circumstance.

The Tip and Glide wheels make it easy to slide the ladder from one place to another without too much effort or scratching the surface.

The aircraft-grade aluminum body makes it lightweight as well as sturdy and durable. In fact, you get a lifetime warranty on it.
Its wide flared legs give it extra stability will working. Since the ladder has a 300 lbs weight rating, you should have no problem carrying your tools and equipment onto it while working.

The ladder exceeds all OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards, which guarantees full safety while working.

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Little Giant Revolution

The Little Giant Revolution is quite similar to the Velocity, so much so that to the untrained eye, they may even seem the same model.

But they are not; in fact, their differences are what makes the Revolution more suited for intensive work.

The Revolution uses the LiteWave aluminum formula, which, combined with its design, makes it less bulky and thus, easier to move around.

The Tip and Glide wheels assist in movement too. A unique feature of this model is that it comes with ratchet levelers that allow you to adjust the height of the legs individually.

This makes it even more advantageous to use it on uneven ground.

The Revolution ladder also comes with trestle brackets, making it even easier to do more house painting and construction-oriented tasks.

A weight rating of 300 lbs and compliance with both OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards ensure that the ladder is absolutely safe and sturdy too use safely for all tasks.

The one thing to note is that the Revolution is only available in the 17, 22, and 26 heights. So, if you need to work at a lower height, the 13-feet Velocity model is more suitable.

Feature Comparison

Going over the features of both ladders, it is easy to see that they have some fundamental similarities and differences in them.

These can have a major influence on which model you finally decide to buy. The similarities include:

  • The Little Giant Velocity and Revolution models are both articulating ladders, which means they can be adjusted into a stepladder, extension, stairway, 90-degree, and trestle, and scaffold configurations, as the need may be.
  • Both have wide flared legs with Tip and Glide wheels, except the 13-foot model of Little Giant Velocity.
  • Hinge locks are used by both for their spreader systems.
  • The Velocity and Revolution models both use Rock locks for easy height adjustment.
  • The material used in both ladders is aluminum.

The differences in their features are:

  • The Velocity is made of aerospace-grade aluminum while the Revolution is made of LiteWaveTM Technology, which is used in military aircraft.
  • Little Giant’s Revolution also sports MAG4TM hinges with metallic magnetic palm buttons. In contrast, the hinge buttons of the Velocity model is made of molded plastic.
  • While the Velocity ladder comes with Triple-locking Dual-pin hinges, the Revolution model uses the cast aluminum Quad-Lock.
  • You have the option of buying the Revolution ladders with dual ratchet levelers but the facility is missing in the Velocity ladders. These ratchet levelers give up to 8.5 inches of adjustment to the ladder.
  • Trestle brackets are sold separately for Velocity but are included in the package for Revolution.

Comparison Of Specifications

Feature Little Giant Velocity Little Giant Revolution
Height models (in feet) 13, 17, 22, 26 17, 22, 26
Number of configurations possible (respectively by height) 16, 24, 33, 43 24, 33, 43
Maximum A-frame height (respectively by height) 5’1”, 7’1”, 9’1”, 11’1” 7’1”, 9’1”, 11’1”
Minimum A-frame height (respectively by height) 3’1”, 4’1”, 5’1”, 6’1” 4’1”, 5’1”, 6’1”
Maximum extension height (respectively by height) 11′, 15′, 19′, 23′ 15′, 19′, 23′
Minimum extension height (respectively by height) 7′, 9′, 11′, 13′ 9′, 11′, 13′
Maximum scaffolding height (respectively by height) 3′ 3′
Maximum workbench height (respectively by height) 3′, 4′, 5′, 5′ 3′, 4′, 5′
Weight (in pounds) (respectively by height) 25, 30.5, 39.5, 49.5 37.5, 44, 55.5
Rung size single section (inner, outer) 1.5”, 1” 1.5”, 1”
Width at base 24″, 24″, 27″, 31″ 23″, 26.5″, 31″
Duty rating IA (300 lbs.) IA (300 lbs.)
Storage depth 8″, 9”, 9”, 9” 9”, 9”, 9”
Storage height 3’7″, 4’7″, 5’7″, 6’7″ 4’7″, 5’7″, 6’7″
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime

Pros And Cons Of Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution Compared

All Little Giant ladders are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with care to produce the best options in its category and live up to its name.

The Velocity and Revolution models are no different. Here is a list of their pros which gives you many reasons to buy one over the other:

Little Giant Velocity

Little Giant Revolution

More convenient for all kinds of household general purposes.

More suited to intensive household work, DIY projects, and industrial tasks.

13-feet model available for working at lower heights.

Uses more advanced technology for easier, versatile working.

Molded plastic coverings for locks and hinges are more electricity-safe and do not get too cold to touch in winter.

Metal parts ensure longer durability and smoother movement when adjusting the height and configuration.

It is lighter than its counterpart.

It is less voluminous and bulky.

However, both have some flaws, making them limited in their purpose. These include:

Little Giant Velocity

Little Giant Revolution

Does not come with ratchet levelers.

A low-height model is not available.

Does not use Quad-Lock or LiteWave technology

Not as light as is counterparts

Which Ladder Is Right For You

While both the Little Giant Velocity and Revolution models are top options in their own rights, the difference in their features makes them more suitable for specific purposes.

For example, the Little Giant Velocity ladder is more favored among homeowners who need a multi-purpose ladder for a variety of general purposes around the house.

Its lightweight body with molded plastic coverings makes it more convenient for non-professionals. The low-height model of 13 feet is perfect for indoor work within a floor.

But the Revolution comes with more advanced features like ratchet levelers, Quad Lock, LiteWave technology, optional built-in trestle brackets, etc.

These make it more suited for professional jobs. Since such work is often outdoor or in awkward places, the extra height adjustability feature provided by the ratchet levelers makes it easier and safer to work with.


When you buy a ladder, you often get stuck between the last two or three options in your shortlist.

It is hard to weigh between two very popular, equally feature-loaded models. That is exactly the kind of dilemma many people face when comparing the Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution.

But at the end of the day, you will have to judge them based on what use you will put your ladder to. This comparison guide means to utilize that very scale to differentiate between these two in-demand ladders.

Hopefully, it will guide you to come to a decision about which one will suit your requirements better and help you get the right one.

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