Tallest A frame Ladder

Tallest A Frame Ladder You Need For Reaching High Spots

If you are looking for the tallest A frame ladder for your work, you are in the right place.

Little Gaint claims it to be the world’s tallest A-frame ladder.

And in this post, we do a detailed review of The SkyScraper 21 feet A-frame ladder.

Tallest A Frame Ladder

ImageLadderHeightWeightCapacityCheck Price
Little Giant Skyscraper21 Feet103 Pounds300 Pounds

The Skyscraper is extremely useful if you need to work at extreme heights around obstacles such as stadium seating or benches.

It features a number of advantages over similar ladders of different brands.

It can be used in places where bulky scaffolding and motorized lifts cannot go.

Let’s dive into the detailed review of 10121 Skyscraper, an A-frame ladder by Little Giant Ladders.

Tallest A Frame Ladder: Detail Review

The SkyScraper 10121 21 Feet Ladder

Tallest A frame Ladder - The SkyScraper
Tallest A frame Ladder – The SkyScraper

Skyscraper 10121 is a 21-foot-long ladder, one of the tallest a frame ladder is particularly useful for use in auditoriums, churches, gymnasiums, and specialized industrial places.

With a maximum height of 21 feet, the Skyscraper is one of the tallest A-frame ladders available in the market.

The Skyscraper can go beyond the heights where other ladders cannot go, making working at ceiling height very simple and easy.

There are additional bi-lock hinges that add to safety while using the ladder.


The Skyscraper ladder is highly flexible. It can take the place of huge scaffoldings, motorized lifts and other fragile ladders.

Having a high level of adaptability, the skyscraper can be used safely even on uneven surfaces.


Made with heavy-wall, 6005-T5 aluminum, the Skyscraper is extremely strong while being easy to carry around.

One can handle any industrial application with it as it is government-rated to hold up to 300 pounds.


Being highly adjustable, the Skyscraper can be used on ramps, docks, stairs, curbs, etc.

The design of the Skyscraper makes it quite stable while also keeping it completely safe and secure to use.

Easy to Store

The Skyscraper is quite easy to store as it has a slim 8-inch profile. It can be stored in half of its actual height, so one can keep it in even small stores or slim garages, making storage extremely convenient.


The ladder is quite flexible to use as it can be used on different types of surfaces, even if they are uneven and even in places that have obstructions in between such as benches, tables, and other things that are kept in between.

Flexibility is further enhanced in this ladder as the two legs of the ladder can be set at different heights and different vertical angles, making it particularly useful in hillsides and uneven surfaces.


Key Features

The Skyscraper 10121 has dimensions of 8 x 43 x 139 inches and weighs 103 pounds.

It has been in the market since April 20, 2005. The ASIN number of this model is B0009H5J82.

The model has a minimum height of 11 inches and a maximum height of 21 inches.

The storage height is 11’7’’ and the base height is 3’7.5’’. The ladder also has a storage depth of 8 inches.

The ladder has a typical Little Giant mode of operation and comes with non-slip ladder rungs.

So you are protected against any accidental slips while using the ladder.

The 21-inch model comes with a 5-year aluminum warranty and can be easily returned if the product is found to be damaged or defective.

In addition to that, Little Giant Ladders have great customer service that is a very big positive point of this brand.

Additionally, it also has a number of features that set it apart from the other ladders in the market. Some of these features are as follows:

Aircraft Aluminium

The Skyscraper features a heavy wall, aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

It meets the OSHA and ANSI standards and has been rated to hold weights up to 300 lbs.

Hinge Lock

For better stability, there is a bi-lock hinge in the Skyscraper.

The hinge makes the Skyscraper highly stable and convenient to use, even at extreme heights.

There are also heavy-duty extra tabs on the Skyscraper for enhanced safety.


The Skyscraper comes with a 5-year aluminum warranty hence one can have peace of mind and be sure of this ladder. In addition, customer service is also very good.


The Skyscraper is indeed one of the best tallest A frame ladders available today.

It can easily reach places where other ladders cannot go.

Making ceiling work quite simple, this 21-feet ladder is a perfect tool for use in churches, auditoriums, churches, and special industrial places.

As it can easily be used in places where there are various obstructions in between, such as benches and stadium seating, it becomes a highly useful ladder for many.

Being a portable ladder, the Skyscraper can easily be used in place of bulky scaffoldings or motorized lifts, especially in places where these tools can’t go or can’t work.

The Skyscraper can even be used on ramps, docks, stairs, and uneven surfaces.

The Skyscraper is best and safe to use if there are two or more people around as it might get difficult to use or heavy for a single person.

Additionally, the way the Skyscraper is constructed, the two legs of the ladder can be set at different heights, making it useful for use on different vertical angles.

This makes the ladder quite flexible to use especially at tight or hilly places and uneven surfaces, for example, steps or stairs.

Also, being such a huge ladder, it takes a bit of practice to learn how to position the ladder or how to release the latches to close it.

The task is not at all difficult, but you might be required to go up and down the ladder multiple times to do it.

Also, it is important to note that the Skyscraper is not exactly suitable for beginners or novice ladder climbers.

It is more suitable for people who are used to working at heights as the height, size, and weight need to practice using the ladder in the correct manner without causing any accidents.

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Skyscraper 10121 has a number of advantages that make it stand out from the other ladders in the market. The advantages are as follows:

Well Built

The Skyscraper is a very stable ladder once it is put in place.

With a variable angle and a good height, it is very well suited for any difficult-to-reach place.

The ladder is well built and convenient for people of all sizes. It has an aluminum construction that makes it quite sturdy.


Even at a height of 21 feet, the skyscraper is quite safe and secure.

One can easily climb the ladder, push the extension, and engage the hinge. The legs of the ladder adjust in increments of 12 inches which is also a bonus.

Use on Uneven Surfaces

The Skyscraper has a huge advantage over other ladders as it can easily go to places where other ladders can’t be used.

It can be used in uneven surfaces such as steps, stairs, etc, or in places where a normal ladder can’t work such as areas that have benches or hall seating.

Easy to store

The ladder has a slim 8-inch profile, which means it can be stored in half of its extended height. It is small enough to be stored in a garage and transport around and occupies very little space.


Skyscraper is a very cost-effective option. Comparing with similar A-frame ladders in the market, the skyscraper is quite affordable and wouldn’t get heavy on your pockets.

Comfortable: The ladder provides a huge comfort as it gets easy to reach extreme heights. One can easily replace any lights, bulbs, or clean fans and windows. Even at a height, the ladder feels quite comfortable and safe to use.


Although the Skyscraper has a number of advantages, it is also important to note any negative points that the product might have, so that you do not face any problems later on. Some of these are as follows:


The ladder is a little heavy and can be difficult to pick up and set for a single person.

The unfolding and setting of the ladder might require 2 people.

With a weight of a little over 100 lbs, one needs more than 1 person to remove the outer two sections and carry the three pieces around.

Tricky to extend

The process to extend the Skyscraper can get a bit tricky for some people.

It might not be easy to reach the pins that secure the extensions of the ladder. One might even end up using another small ladder to reach the pins.

Poorly Written Manual

The instruction booklet that comes with the ladder has poorly written instructions.

The steps and procedures are hard to understand making the process of setting up the ladder not so easy and time-consuming.


Little Giant Ladders 10121 Skyscraper has a rating of 4.2/5 on Amazon based on reviews given by more than 50 customers.

Additionally, it is also is an ‘Amazon Choice’ ladder which means it is recommended by Amazon. It has an ANSI duty rating of 1A.

Also, with great customer service, the Skyscraper becomes a very favored choice.

With a number of advantages and features, it has one of the top ratings on different buying and reviewing platforms.

You can learn more about the SkyScraper on Amazon.

Our Opinion

Skyscraper 10121 is a very good choice ladder in our opinion.

Being a stable and sturdy A-frame ladder with the ability to reach large heights and even uneven or difficult places, the skyscraper becomes a very favored choice.

Though it is quite heavy to use by a single person, we feel its advantages and use far outweigh that.

Safety is the main concern while setting up and using a ladder and the Skyscraper 10121 completely takes care of that as features a bi-lock hinge that ensures maximum safety when you are at the top.

The only recommendation that we have is that another set of pins could have been put closer to the ground.

This is particularly useful in situations where the ladder is not required to be at full extension.

Overall, we give a thumbs up to this ladder and totally recommend buying it if you are looking for a great A-frame ladder.


So that was the detailed review of the tallest a frame ladder – The Sky Scraper.

Ladders are a very useful tool at work as well as at home.

But many times, they can be overlooked considering other factors such as if one has an old set already.

You might have an old one already but it might be rusting away.

You might be putting yourself or your family at risk by using such a ladder as it can lead to accidents or falls.

Hence, it is crucial to have a sturdy and safe ladder that ensures that the work can be done with ease and by avoiding any accidents.

The Skyscraper is a perfect ladder that ensures all these things without breaking your bank.

The high-quality material and compact storage further add to its appeal.


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