Adjustable ladders for stairs

7 Best Adjustable Ladders For Stairs [2024]: Expert’s Pick

Working on the stairs is a tricky and difficult job.

And it gets trickier if you have to climb up a ladder on the stairs, balance yourself, hold things in your hands and do the task, be it painting or hanging a photo frame.

Thus the common ladder isn’t the right fit for working on the stairs.

Adjustable Stair Ladders

Image Ladder Max Ext. Height Capacity Check Price
Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder 10 Feet 300 Pounds
Cosco 18 feet Telescoping Ladder 17 Feet 300 Pounds
Little Giant M17 Revolution 17 Feet 300 Pounds
OrienTools Multi-Purpose Ladder 17 Feet 300 Pounds
Toprung Aluminum Extension Ladder 15 Feet 300 Pounds
Little Giant Dark Horse M17 Ladder 17 Feet 300 Pounds
Vulcan 17Ft Multi-Task Ladder 17 Feet 300 Pounds

Is There A Ladder That Can Be Used On Stairs?

Yes, there are ladders that can be used on stairs.

They are called adjustable ladders or multi-position ladders.

As the name suggests, these are ladders with adjustable legs that can be adjusted as per the surface it has been put on.

Thus making it a perfect ladder for using on stairs.

An adjustable ladder can be of big help for cleaning and painting the staircase, and also for reaching ceilings above it.

In this post, I am reviewing these 7 best adjustable ladders to use on stairs:

  • Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder
  • Cosco 18Ft Multi-Position Ladder
  • Little Giant M17 Revolution Ladder
  • OrienTools Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder
  • Toprung Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder
  • Little Giant Dark Horse M17 Ladder
  • Vulcan Ladder Multi-Task Stepladder


Adjustable ladders for stairs

7 Best Adjustable Ladders For Stairs

Here is the list of the best adjustable ladder that you can buy to use on stairs.

All the ladders on the list are very durable and included after considering their performance, durability, reliability, and customer feedback.

Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder

The little giant ladder is one of the safest and most comfortable ladders on the list.

Little Gaint is known for producing some of the best ladders on the earth.

And this ladder stands up to the expectations.

It is a safe and sturdy ladder to use on the stairs.

Also, the lightweight character of this ladder makes it portable and easy to handle.

Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder
Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder

The ladder is made of high-grade aluminum and can withstand weight up to 300 pounds!

The Airdeck workstation with handrails comes in very handy with this ladder, where you can put your tools while working.

This 35.4 pounds ladder has a changeable base that helps in adjusting the legs, making it a perfect fit for working on any type of stairs.

Key Specifications

Item weight: 35.4 pounds

Product dimensions: 8.5 x 27.5 x 73 inches

Material: Aluminum

Rung Size: Single section

Warranty: Limited lifetime and is reliable


  • The strong aluminum built is strong to withstand a lot of weight
  • Can be used on any type of stairs.
  • It comes with a workstation that makes working on it easier.


  • Quite expensive but it is a reasonable price for all the works it gets done.
  • Not recommended for kids, pregnant women, and aged individuals.

Check its other specifications on Amazon.

Cosco 18Ft Multi-Position Ladder

This multi-position ladder by Cosco is also a good ladder for working on stairs.

Its adjustable legs make it a ladder that can be used in more than one way.

It works as a step ladder, extension ladder, and wall ladder.

Cosco 18 feet Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder
Cosco Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder


This ladder has a patented hinge design and large spring locking levers that make the ladder use easy and safe.

The leg base is firm and the rungs are slip-resistant that helps in better grip while climbing up and down the ladder.

It is built with commercial aircraft-grade aluminum, weighs just 32 pounds, and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

This Cosco ladder just fits almost everywhere on stairs and it easily converts to any position without tools.

Key Specifications

Item weight: 32 pounds

Product dimensions: 7.7 x 23 x 54.9 inches

Color: Aluminum yellow

Warranty Description: 1-year limited warranty.

Learn more about it on Amazon.

Little Giant M17 Revolution Ladder

The A-frame of this ladder stands at a height of 4 ft. 10 inches, a perfect size for working any kind of job on the stairs.

Although the Extension max standing height of the ladder is 11 feet with a max reach of 17 feet and 11 inches.

Little Giant Ladder with Ratcheting Levelers
Little Giant M17 Ladder

The ladder has two integrated ratchet levelers for leveling adjustments and extra-wide rungs with an aggressive tread for better grip and safety.

Quad-Lock hinges allow easy adjustment and eliminate spreader bars, allowing you to use your ladder over and around obstacles, fences, or bushes.

It reaches the toughest areas and can be used for many purposes. Be it painting the staircases, cleaning the ceiling, or hanging paintings to staircase walls.

Key Specifications

Weight: 38.5 pounds

Dimensions: 57 x 25 x 9 inches

Color: Aluminum/orange

Material: Aluminum

Included components: Tip and Glide Wheels, Trestle Brackets, Dual Ratchet Levelers

Warranty Description: Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • It has wheels for transportation and meets all the OSHA and ANSI type 1A standard configurations.
  • It can be used by two people at once.
  • It can be used to reach high spots on the ceiling for hanging up portraits.


  • It can be used by a limited number of people and the storage is compromised.
  • The ladder is quite heavier compared to other adjustable ladders.

Check here to check it on Amazon.

OrienTools Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder

The aluminum extension ladder is designed for various uses.

But the lightweight and flexibility make it a perfect choice for working on stairs.

The multi-purpose ladder reduces fatigue and foot pain as the steps are designed authentically to aid users.

OrienTools Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder
OrienTools Multi-Purpose Ladder

The ladder can be used as an A-Frame ladder, a staircase ladder, an extension ladder, a wall ladder, and also a scaffold frame.

The balance is extremely good and the wide-flared leg design makes the ladder safer and more stable.

The ladder is built with strong aircraft-grade aluminum and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The A-frame height of this ladder is 4.5 feet.

But once you release the hinge locks and release the rock locks, this ladder can extend to great heights for multi-use.

Key Specifications

Weight: 34.8 pounds

Dimensions: 55 x 19.5 x 7.3 inches

Load capacity: 300 pounds

Check its latest price on Amazon.

Toprung Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder 

The Toprung aluminum extension ladder is a multi-designer ladder made from high-quality aluminum.

The convenient use excels with all ANSI standard configurations.

The safety it provides followed up with the comfort one feels while using it makes it the best adjustable ladder for stairs.

Toprung Aluminum Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder
Toprung Multi-Purpose Ladder

It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and can hold up to 300 lbs.

Wider rungs for standing comfort and Slip-resistant feet make it more stable when in use.

It needs no prior installation and takes very little storage space.

It comes with a 2 years warranty and has you covered in case of manufacturing defects and other ladders issues.

Key Specifications
  • Standard: ANSI A14.2
  • Extension Height(feet): 9-15
  • A-frame Height(feet): 4-7 feet
  • Storage Height(feet): 4.6
  • Bottom Width(feet): 1.9
  • Product weight(pounds): 34.5


  • Very efficient and can be used on any surface
  • Very easily portable and safe


  • Should be stored in a dry location to avoid corrosion
  • Should be cleaned from time to time so that no dirt builds up

Learn more about this ladder on Amazon.

Little Giant Dark Horse M17 Ladder

This Little Giant ladder is lighter than any other fiberglass articulating ladder you can find online.

It comes with wheels that make the handling of this ladder easy. You can move the ladder just by rolling it on its wheels.

Little Giant Dark Horse M17 Ladder
Little Giant Dark Horse M17 Ladder

The A-frame configuration of this ladder is 11.4 feet, sufficient for any staircase work.

Its wide-flared base provides much more lateral stability than straight-sided step or extension ladders, preventing many accidents caused by overreaching

The dark horse adapts to almost any situation and has a stable climbing solution.

Key Specifications

Item Weight: 30 pounds

Product Dimensions: 10 x 28.5 x 43 inches

Material: Fiberglass


  • It is easily portable and weightless.
  • It is used for multi-purposes and aids in clearing out the job at hand.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Requires cleaning from time to time.

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Vulcan Ladder Multi-Task Stepladder

The Vulcan ladder is a multi-task stepladder that is the most versatile ladder on earth.

It has 23 possible configurations and comes with height adjustments in one-foot increments.

Vulcan Ladder Multi-Task Stepladder
Vulcan Multi-Task Stepladder

The rails are flared to offer stability and confidence while working on the ladder.

And its rubber feet are non-marring, provide good grip on surfaces making it safe for stairs.

It can be used as a Step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder, and scaffold frames.

Key Specifications

Item weight: 32.2 pounds

Product dimensions: 24 x 8 x 48.7 inches

Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • It is one of the best and can be used for many purposes
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It should be kept only in dry conditions to avoid corrosion
  • The hinges and locks should be dusted before every use.

Check it out on Amazon.

How Do You Use An Adjustable Ladder On Stairs?

Well, using an adjustable ladder on stairs is easy since you don’t have to level its leg using any external leveler tool.

The length of each leg of an adjustable ladder can independently be increased or decreased according to the surface so that stays stable.

Thus making it perfect to use on stairs.

Here is how you use an adjustable ladder on stairs:

  • Open the ladder in an A-frame configuration.
  • Put the front two legs of the same side on the stair you want to work on.
  • For, the rear two legs, extent their length and place them on lower stairs so that the ladder gets balanced.
  • Make sure the legs aren’t placed on the edge of the stairs.
  • You can now climb up the ladder.

Safety Tips For Using A Ladder On Stairs

Safety is always the first priority while using ladders as losing balance, and breaking bones don’t look like the best scenario to end up in.

Working on stairs while using a ladder is a tough job.

So here are a few safety tips that you should follow to avoid injuries when working with stairs.

● Every job has a different type of ladder needed to get the work done. There are telescopic ladders, extension ladders, step ladders, and multipurpose ladders. Choose the right one to avoid accidents.

● Set up your ladder the right way. It is important to follow the instructions in the user manual to avoid accidents.

● Always clean the ladder, dust off the hinges, and the bolts from time to time. Put away the ladder in a dry place, if it comes in contact with water for long as there are chances for corrosion.

● Every ladder has a threshold that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of weight capacity. Check the load capacity of the ladder before buying and using it.


So, that was all about staircase ladders!

If you are planning to paint your staircase, stairwell, or for any other day-to-day work on the stair, get these adjustable ladders.

These ladders are flexible and can be adjusted on any kind of ladder.

Also, all of them are of great quality and withstand great weight.

Get one today and start working on those staircase walls with confidence.