Walk In Steps For Above Ground Pool

6 Walk In Steps For Above Ground Pools For Safe And Fun Pool Sessions!

The pool steps are one of the most essential parts of a pool.

A good quality pool ladder not only makes the pool sessions safe but more enjoyable.

And they tend to last longer than the average or low-quality pool steps and are more reliable.

6 Best Above Ground Pool Steps

ImageNameCapacityCheck Price
Confer Plastics Pool Steps300 Pounds
Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Ladder300 Pounds
Vinyl Works Pool Ladder300 Pounds
Confer Walk-In Steps For Above Ground Pool400 Pounds
Intex Deluxe Pool Ladder with Removable Steps300 Pounds
Blue Wave Pool Entry System with Gate350 Pounds

As 60 to 70 percent of the pool ladder is submerged in water, so it is very important to have good quality ladder/steps.

Poor quality pool steps get easily damaged. And to be honest, they are not worth the investment.

This post is all about the steps for above-ground pools. It contains the 6 best quality walk-in steps that you can get for your above-ground pool.

How We Chose These Pool Steps For Above Ground Pools

● All the pool steps mentioned in the post are of great quality. With a maximum weight capacity of  300 pounds, these steps can be used by heavy people as well.

● These pool steps fit all the standard size above-ground pools. So you don’t have to worry about fitting.

● All the steps chosen are for safety and security. Some of the pool steps mentioned come with lockable gates to prevent unwanted access to the pool.

6 Best Walk In Steps For Above Ground Pools
6 Best Walk In Steps For Above Ground Pools

Walk-In Steps For Above Ground Pool: 6 Best Picks

Here are some of the best walk-in steps for above-ground pools. All these ladders are of high quality and can bear a weight of more than 300 pounds.

Adjustable Pool Steps For Above Ground Pool By Confer


Confer Plastics Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder
Confer Above Ground Adjustable Pool Steps

This above-ground pool ladder by Confer is one of the best walk-in step-pool ladders available today.

With more than 575 happy customer reviews and 4.5/5 stars rating, this is our top pick for your above-ground pool.

Its complete adjustability makes it the perfect pool steps for pools that are 48 inches to 56 inches tall and up to 14 inches wide.

For better safety and to avoid any accident while climbing this pool ladder, it has an extra-large platform and is equipped with large 18 inches comfort tread steps.

The ladder system also includes Rool Gaurd Barriers(lock included).

When not in use, the barriers simply rolls over the outer steps to avoid unwanted access to the pool.

Product Information

Shipping weight: 56 pounds

Fit for: 48 to 56-inch pools

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Lock pad: Yes

Check out this walk-in step on Amazon.


Blue Wave Roll Guard A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder

The Blue Wave walk-in step is a strong build pool ladder.

It can hold weight up to  400 lbs (181.4 kilograms), thus, is safe for both kids and adults.

Blue Wave Roll Guard A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder

This newly designed A-frame ladder features a roll guard barrier that improves safety in both open or closed positions. The barrier also helps prevent unwanted access to the pool.

Talking more about safety, the ladder has 5″x18″ wide non-skid treads for better grip even in wet conditions. The ladder also has side rails that prevent entry from the side of the ladder.

Also, the upper rails help in climbing steps and getting in the pool easily and safely. A helpful feature to have when you have senior people to use the pool.

Product Information

– Dimension: 62 x 25 x 9 inches
– Weight: 49 pounds
– Non-skid treads
– Lockable roll barrier: Yes

Learn more about this pool ladder on Amazon.


Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame Pool Ladder

This A-frame above-ground pool ladder is adjustable to fit pools that are 48 to 56 inches tall. And most of the pools come in the same size range nowadays.

Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame

The quality of the ladder top notch and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The four 17.25″ wide x 3,5″ deep anti-skid treads on each side of the ladder provide a good grip to avoid slipping.

Also, the 18.5″ wide x11.5 deep, double extended handrails, extended 10 inches downward on both sides ensure better safety and facilitates climbing. Those handrails also prevent entry from the side of the ladder.

The anti-entrapment barrier can be converted into a deck mount and it also accepts a pool fence with a separate connector kit.

Product Information

-Dimension: 84 x 22x 48 inches
Weight: 57 pounds (25.8 Kilograms)
Build material: Heavy Duty Resin and Stainless steel.

Check out this walk-In pool step here on Amazon.


Confer Walk-in Steps For Above Ground Pool

This Confer ladder for pools is a complete set you require for easy and safe entry-exit to your pool.

The unit is adjustable and works as a perfect walk-in system for pools of 48 inches to 54 inches wall height.

The ladder system is built for extra safety and comes with steps that have a dimension of 10 inches x 27 inches.

Confer Walk-in Steps For Above Ground Pool

The mounting brackets the ladder to the pool or deck.  It comes with flexible deck attachments that are removable if you don’t have a deck yet.

So if you are thinking to build one in the future then you can easily attach the pool step to it.

The ladder is easy to install and works with most flat bottom pools. Just put all the parts of the ladder together and that is it. The parts are strong and fit perfectly with each other.

Also, the water circulating design allows proper water circulation behind the pool. The side opening allows proper water circulation to prevent algae growth on the steps and other parts of the ladder.

This gives a longer life to the ladder as compared to any other pool ladder and makes it safer to use.

For better security, the outer step has grey tread steps and handrails to hold while climbing.

Product Information

Height: 81 Inches
Weight capacity: 400 pounds(in-pool steps)/ 300 pounds(ground-to-step)
Pad-lock: Yes
Step Dimensions: 10 inches H x 27 inches W x 8 inches D

Check out the latest price for this pool ladder here. (Link to Amazon)


Intex Deluxe Pool Ladder with Removable Steps

Intex Deluxe Pool ladder is best for pools with wall height between 48 to 52 inches.

The ladder is portable, easy to install, and sturdy. The steps can be removed and re-installed after cleaning.

Intex Deluxe Pool Ladder with Removable Steps

For safety and to avoid side entrance, the ladder comes with a barrier.

Product Information

Dimension: 51.2 x 13 x 71.7 inches

Weight: 27.1 pounds (9.84 Kilograms)

Weight capacity: 300 pounds(136 Kilograms)

Check out this ladder on Amazon.


Blue Wave Easy Step Pool Entry System with Gate

If you have kids at home then this pool step is the best chhoice for you!

Blue Wave Easy Step Pool Entry System with Gate
Blue Wave Easy Step Pool Entry System with Gate

This pool entry step comes with a gate that can be closed to avoid any type of unwanted access.

There are many cases of the drowning of kids reported every year.

And thus this pool entry system is a great choice for homes that have above-the-ground pools and children.

This pool step is designed to fit the pools of 48 inches to 54 inches high(the standard pool size) and fits both in the round and oval pool.

The gate closes itself by its weight and it is lockable fo the pool security.

With the weight capacity of 300 pounds and 3 years of warranty, you can trust this ladder for both, pool security and long-lasting usage.

Product Information

Dimension: 24 x 30 x 63 inches

Shipping Weight: 102 pounds

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Warranty: 3 years

If you liked this ladder, you can check its other features here.



So, these were some of the best walk-in steps for above ground pool.

If you have an above-the-ground pool, and thinking of getting a pool step, then you can go with any of these pool steps as per your requirements.

Do consider the height of the pool before buying a pool ladder.

Also, do take precautions during the installation of the ladder. Prevent injuries and damage to the pool during installation.

Happy Swimming!

P.S. – Did you find your pool ladder? Do tell us in the comment section.

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