Loft Ladders For Small Spaces

Loft Ladders For Small Spaces: Top 5 Space Saving Attic Ladders

Need a ladder for your loft?

In this post, I am going to share everything thing that you need to know and consider before getting yourself a loft ladder for small spaces.

5 Best Small Space Loft And Attic Ladders

ImageNameSize(Feet)Opening(Inches)Check Price
Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder8 .75'-10'22-1/2 x 54
Fakro Attic Ladder7'-10'25x54
Louisville ladder7'9''-10'22.5 x 63
Fakro Steel Attic Ladder7'2''-9'6"25x54
Werner Folding Attic Ladder10'22.5x 54

Your loft is a great place to keep all your additional or seasonal items and loads of boxes you don’t currently need.

You can keep those things in your loft safely to free up more space in your house.

But using lofts can also be a hassle if it’s not easy or convenient enough to move your things in or out of it.

Plus, there tend to have a seriously limited amount of space in the lofts that make moving your items even tougher.

Your regular ladder is just not the right fit for this job.

So, how can you solve this?

Simple. All you need is a loft ladder.

Loft Ladders For Small Spaces: The Ultimate Guide

This guide contains detailed information about the loft ladder along with finding the best ladders and safety concerns. Let us see all the points one by one.

What Is a Loft Ladder?

A loft ladder is a special kind of retractable ladder that is normally attached to the floor of your loft and to the ceiling of the floor below your loft with a hatch.

These ladders can easily fit inside your loft and can be extended whenever you need to use your attic.

They’re usually used when your loft space is so small that it’s impossible to install a standard staircase with it.

Also, they can be used as an inexpensive alternative to the stairways to have more free space in your house.

But it’s not enough to just have any loft ladder.

If you don’t want to face all the painstaking hassles and want a smooth and safe way to pass through your loft, then choosing a perfect loft ladder is crucial.

Let’s see how you can choose the perfect loft ladders to suit your individual needs.

Loft Ladders For Small Spaces
Loft Ladders For Small Spaces

5 Perfect Loft Ladders For Small Spaces

You’ve come all the way to here and so far, you’ve pretty much got a basic idea about loft ladders and how to choose the best one for your needs.

However, it can still be very difficult to choose the best loft ladder from the mind-boggling number of options out there.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

To save your time from days of research and tiring comparison, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best loft ladders for small spaces.

So, here we go…

Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder

Louisville loft ladder for small spaces
Louisville Ladder loft Ladder

Made from a pure and sturdy wooden frame, the Louisville loft ladder is long enough to reach the lofts that are up to 10 feet.

It comes with heavy-duty hinges that not only help the ladder to smoothly unfold but they also keep the ladder from shaking when you climb through it.

With reinforced and grooved steps that are able to hold up to 250 pounds, this ladder is extremely safe and sturdy thanks to wired rods under each step.

This ladder is very easy to install to your loft with as it comes with an exclusive E-Z hang strap system that makes the installation process smooth, even for the lofts with considerably small spaces.

You can check this loft ladder here. (Link to Amazon)

Fakro LWP 66804 Insulated Attic Ladder

This loft ladder made of high-quality pine wood is specially designed to provide safety and stability.

Made for ceiling from 7 feet 10 inches to 10 feet 1 inch, this ladder satisfies all the technical and safety requirements to ensure you always stay safe while climbing and getting down.

 FAKRO LWP 66804 Insulated Attic Ladder
FAKRO LWP 66804 Insulated Attic Ladder

With a pine-constructed box frame and a hatch with a unique opening mechanism, the ladder not only opens slowly but it also prevents the hatch from shutting down with a slam once it fully opens.

This sliding loft ladder is made to hold up to 300 pounds so you can use it with a sense of peace in mind.

If you want a loft ladder that provides maximum security to you and your family, FAKRO LWP Insulated Attic Ladder is the one that you’re looking for.

To check it out on Amazon, Click Here.


LOUISVILLE LADDER 16 AL228P Extension-ladders

With heavy-duty hinges that are able to hold as much as 350 pounds of weight, this ladder is one of the best loft ladders you can find out there.

LOUISVILLE LADDER 16 AL228P Extension-ladders, 22-Inch Opening
Louisville extension loft ladder

It has adjustable feet and insulated door that makes this ladder very durable and easy to use.

This amazingly sturdy ladder promptly meets the safety standards set by ANSI and Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA so you can be always safe.

With an exclusive E-Z hang strap system, plywood swims, 8-⅞” roofing nails, aluminum feet, and an incredibly easy manual, this loft ladder is very easy to install in the small loft spaces.

Click here to check its other specifications.

FAKRO LST 66823 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

If you’re looking for a safe yet beautifully designed modern loft ladder, then this ladder fits you the best.

This ladder from FAKRO can be installed in any small openings thanks to its unique folding system that has allowed the ladder to achieve smaller dimensions.

So, it’s easily adjustable no matter how small or big your loft space is.

Fakro loft ladder for small space
Fakro loft ladder for small space (click to see more images)

With thick rubber gasket insulation between the boards, this ladder has an amazing R-value of 5.2 to protect against heat loss.

This ladder features S-shaped strings that not only perform the role of handrail that helps you climb, but it also gives this ladder a rather modern look.

Passing all the required safety regulation tests, this ladder provides a specially designed embossed pattern on the surface of the steps to prevent any accidental slips.

With an ability to hold up to 300 pounds, this ladder is perfect for your loft with a small space.

Click here to get this ladder at the best price. (link to Amazon)

Werner W2210 250-Pound Duty Rating Wood Folding Attic Ladder

Werner W2210 wood folding attic loft Ladder for small spaces
Werner W2210 wood folding attic loft Ladder

Made of wood for quieter operation, Werner Folding Attic Ladder is perfect for those who want light-weight and simple loft ladders.

This ladder features a special counterbalance mechanism that easily eliminates springiness. Thanks to the strong and durable steps built into it, this ladder can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

It features door hinges that are totally wrapped-around to minimize heat loss. Thanks to its quality door and pull strings, you can easily open and close the hinges as per your need.

This is helpful especially for those who have a small space loft.

If you’re looking for a simple yet durable loft ladder, then Werner Folding Attic Ladder is a perfect choice for you.

Click here to learn more about this loft ladder. (link to Amazon).

How To Choose The Best Loft Ladders For Small Spaces?

Imagine that you’ve randomly bought a loft ladder for your attic. You’re really happy about freeing up your home-space, packed your boxes, and took your toolbox out.

And then when you’re about to install that ladder in your attic or loft, you discovered that it just doesn’t fit well.

Not good right!

That’s why it’s necessary to choose the right loft ladder for your particular needs.

Make sure you know the right measurement of your loft’s dimensions. This way, you can avoid selecting the wrong kind of ladders.

Also, there are two major kinds of loft ladders to choose from.

Here they are:
● Sliding Loft Ladders: They are the most frequently used loft ladders that have two or three different sections attached together.

You can easily slide in or slide out to retract or expand the loft ladder at your convenience. This kind of loft ladders usually come with a hatch or a special kit supplied to easily set it up.

● Folding Ladders: Yet another common type of ladder you can use for your loft. They usually come with two or more sections hinged with the end of each other that allow it to easily fold or unfold as per your need.

And not only that. You also have to take a close look at the ladder materials to select the right loft ladders for small spaces.

● Loft ladders that are made of aluminum tend to be more budget-friendly and light-weight. But they’re also quite easy to bend and noisy too.

● On the other hand, loft ladders made of timber tend to make less noise. They’re also more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing compared to aluminum ladders. But they can be a little more expensive.

Consider your budget and personal needs to select the best loft ladder for a small space.

Tips to Stay Safe While Using Loft Ladders

Although loft ladders are a great way to get access to your loft, you should be careful while using them.

● Make sure you’ve correctly installed your loft ladder to your attic. Even though you can install the loft ladder yourself, it is advised that you should get the installation done only by a professional craftsman.

● Make sure your hatch is operating correctly. If not, then change or fix it as soon as possible. A wobbling ladder is the last thing you would want when you’re already halfway up through the ladder.

● Also, take a second person with you to hold the ladder while you’re climbing. It’s not necessary, but it’s very reassuring.

● Try to get a loft ladder that has handrails to make sure you have a firm grip. And never try to climb the ladder if you’re not totally fit.

If you follow these safety tips, then you can be assured of safe climbing.


Choosing the right ladder to meet your exact needs is tough and selecting the right loft ladders for small spaces is even more.

So inspect your loft and its dimension before selecting a loft ladder for you. Buying the ladder without knowing the proper loft measurement is the last thing you’d want.

Determine if you would like a metal ladder or a wooden one. Then buy one according to your preferences.

Once you’ve figured all that out, then you can easily figure out the right loft ladder for your attic.


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