Aluminum vs Wood Attic Ladder

Aluminum vs Wood Attic Ladder: 8 Different Factors Compared!

The attic of a house is frequently a hidden treasure trove. It’s possible to open up an entire level of your house for any purpose you like by installing a new attic ladder or replacing an existing one.

And when we talk about the attic ladder, undoubtedly the wood or the aluminum attic ladder crops in our head.

No doubt that wooden attic ladders are more durable, and this strength comes at a cost. Wooden ladders are significantly heavier than aluminum attic ladders. And moreover, the best attic ladder should be simple to use, long-lasting, and strong enough to hold the weight of the heaviest member of your family.

ParameterWooden Attic ladderAluminum Attic Ladder
WeightVery sturdy and heavyEasy to lift and very light
MobilityWould not be preferable to use it at different places.You can use them at several different places
Ease of installationFits accuratelyNA
CostExpensiveUsually less expensive when compared to wooden
Sliding or folding for multi-purposeVery difficult to manage
Easy to do so with in-built mechanism
Affected by moisture
Affected by intense hot and cold weatherThe surface remains neutralBecomes very hot and cold
Best place to keepIn a closed, moisture-free place at your home when you want the space to be filledCan use it at your convenience
Recommended Ladder
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But what are the other major differences between the Wooden attic ladder and the aluminum attic ladder? Keep reading to know more.

Wood Attic Ladder vs Aluminium Attic Ladder

Let us compare both the ladders using different parameters.

Ease Of Using

Despite aluminum’s small weight, it is extremely strong when shaped into stiff beams and bars. If you have to extend and retract the ladder regularly, this can rapidly become a major pain.

Sliding or folding mechanisms on wooden attic ladders need the operator to temporarily sustain the ladder’s weight while it is being extended.

Winner: Aluminum Attic ladder

Which Attic Ladder Can Be Used More Frequently?

An aluminum attic ladder can be used far more frequently than a wooden attic ladder because of its lightweight. If you only need a ladder sometimes, a well-built wooden one will do.

Winner: Aluminum Attic ladder

Which Attic Ladder Has Broader Steps?

With a broader step than typical metal ladders, a wood attic ladder is a durable option for accessing the attic. Usually, the aluminum models have the average step size, however, wooden ones usually have quite a broader step.

Winner: Wooden Attic ladder

Which Attic Ladder Is Most Likely To Sustain?

Considering that you have installed your ladder that is constantly under the sun or is prone to moisture or rain, then choosing a wooden attic ladder is not at all a feasible option.

No doubt that nowadays, wooden ladders are being furnished to a great extent to withstand all these external things. However, it reduces the lifetime of the ladder considerably.

In such a situation choosing aluminum, the ladder is always better as it is unaffected by all the harsh weather conditions.

Winner: Aluminum Attic ladder

Which Is The Multi-Purpose Attic Ladder?

Usually, the aluminum attic ladder is a safe and reliable combination ladder. In order to vary the ladder’s shape, they feature a click and lock system with six security locks that open and lock.

For example, Jiahe 12.5 FT/3.8M Aluminum Telescoping Ladder offers a wide range of options. It also has anti-slip straps and rubber feet to provide the user with stable support.

Winner: Aluminum Attic ladder

Which Attic Ladder Reflects Ambient Temperature?

If your ladder is in a place where it is exposed to the direct sun, then aluminum ladders will not be a good option as they will become too hot under the sun.

In extremely cold or hot weather, wooden ladders are more comfortable to use. Depending on whether you need a ladder for use in the summer or winter, these could be a decent option.

Winner: Wooden Attic ladder

Which One Looks Very Classy?

Wooden attic ladders are more suited to a variety of indoor situations since they are more visually appealing. Some people have historic houses and desire to keep as much of their original design as possible.

For example FAKRO LWT 66892 Wooden Thermo Attic Ladder is a really great option.

A metal aluminum attic ladder with plastic step coverings and a brightly colored handle could appear out of place in some homes.

For structures with a more traditional look and feel, wooden ladders are the best option. For centuries, wood has been the building material of choice, and a wooden attic ladder wouldn’t appear out of place in any area.

Winner: Wooden Attic ladder

Pros and Cons Of Wooden Attic Ladders

Pros Of Wooden Ladders

  • Wooden ladders have a reputation for being extremely durable. They can transport heavier things up to your attic with ease because they can bear more weight than other options.
  • The added strength of wooden attic ladders makes them more stable and, as a result, less difficult to climb up and down. As a result of the increased security, they are increasingly commonly used by youngsters and the elderly.
  • It’s easy to incorporate wooden ladders into your home’s decor because they have a timeless appeal. Many individuals choose wood for their attic ladder because of its cozy aesthetic.

Cons Of Wooden Ladders

  • In spite of their strength and durability, the weight and size of a wood ladder make them difficult to transport, even if they are well-built.
  • Wooden ladders are often more costly than aluminum ladders. Wooden ladders may be purchased at a lower price, but they will not last as long.
  • Wooden attic ladders are particularly susceptible to variations in humidity and temperature because of their construction.

Pros And Cons Of Aluminium Attic Ladders

Pros Of Aluminium Attic Ladder

  • If you have trouble lifting big things, an aluminum ladder may be the best option for you because it’s light and easy to maneuver. WERNER LADDER AA1510 is one such lightweight attic ladder.
  • Aluminum ladders are less expensive than wood ladders, without compromising on quality or durability.
  • When it comes to corrosion, aluminum is one of the most rust-resistant metals on the market, making it ideal for use in humid conditions.

Cons Of Aluminium Attic Ladder

  • Although aluminum is robust, it cannot support as much weight as a wooden ladder, which makes it less sturdy. Disadvantages of aluminum ladders: It’s not suitable for folks who have a hard time climbing ladders to use these ladders.
  • An aluminum ladder is quite noisy as it is being moved, making for a somewhat unpleasant experience. Accessing the attic usually necessitates this consideration.
  • When it comes to looking unpleasant, aluminum ladders are typically criticized because of their industrial appearance. They are an eyesore since they are unlikely to blend in with the rest of your home’s decor.

Factors To Look For While Any Attic Ladder

When purchasing an attic ladder, here are some things to keep in mind.

Know The Dimensions Of The Installation Place

Make sure your ceiling and surrounding region are suitable for the attic ladder you’re contemplating before purchasing it. To ensure that the ladder you choose fits the available area, take exact measurements of your opening’s width, height from the floor to the ceiling, swing clearance, and landing space.

Installing The Ladder

For most attic ladders, a two-person crew is required for installation. The skills necessary to install a window or door frame include sawing, squaring, and aligning. A professional carpenter should be hired if you lack these abilities.

Features For Ease Of Use

There are several kinds and designs of attic ladders that include various characteristics to enhance convenience, safety, and overall usage. Ultimately, this boils down to personal taste. Consider the following characteristics while keeping in mind that your available space and your budget may be a constraint:

Rungs and steps

The rungs of certain retractable attic stairs are ladder-style, while those of others are shallow steps. You can’t just go up and down the stairs, as you would on an ordinary stairwell; you have to hang onto the next higher step as you go up.


Attic ladders with handrails are available. If you’re going to use an attic ladder, keep in mind that you’ll be holding something in one hand and climbing in the other. Using only the ladder rungs or a railing is there a better way to climb? It is entirely up to the individual.

Attic Ladder Types

Attic stairs can be classified as either telescoping, folding, scissor-style, or electric in each of these four ways.

  • Telescoping: Mobile or semi-permanent designs are available for telescoping attic ladders so they may be erected in your attic or stored nearby. As a result of the built-in mechanisms on the side supports and steps, these ladders are more compact than folding ladders. The ladder may be extended by simply pulling on the bottom step.
  • Folding: When it comes to folding attic ladders, the number of parts depends on the length of the ladder, the height of the ceiling, and the amount of space available for the ladder to fold up. When closed, these attic ladders lie on the floor, taking up a lot of attic room yet being stronger and easier to use than telescopic ladders.
  • The Scissors Style: Ladders like this one, which fold up like scissors for storage, offer two key advantages over their rivals. This type of ladder does not require a huge clearing area to unfurl like a telescopic ladder, and it does not move too rapidly when unfolding.

Final Verdict: What Should You Choose Between Wooden And Aluminum Attic Ladder

Many factors must be taken into account when purchasing an attic ladder. Ladders made of wood or aluminum both have advantages and disadvantages, but both are durable and dependable.

But, for those who wish to preserve their attic ladder in line with the concept of their classic, cozy house, wooden ladders are the best option. Additionally, they’re a good choice for those who want something that can resist large loads and regular use. In contrast, aluminum ladders are better suited to those looking for a lightweight, simple-to-move ladder for their attic space.

As a result, wood ladders are ideal for attic renovations and making the most of unused space at your home.


How can you measure Attic ladder height?

If you want to know how high an attic ladder should be, take a tape measure and measure the distance from the attic door panel to the ground. As a result, you need to Purchase an attic ladder with the same width and height. That’s the reason why knowing the dimensions of your place is one of the important considerations before buying an attic ladder, be it wood or aluminum.

What is the typical size of an attic ladder?

In most cases, the normal opening size for an attic is 22.5 inches by 54 inches, but some homes have openings that are less or larger than this. Before you go out and buy a new attic ladder, be sure to get the opening measured.