best ladder for cleaning gutters

5 Best Ladders For Cleaning Gutters: The Safest Options

Be it overflowing gutter during the rain or winterizing your home before the winter, cleaning the gutter is really important to avoid chaos in the future.

Since cleaning the gutters is working at a height, it is important to have a good ladder.

Best Ladders For Cleaning Gutters

For One Story House
Image Ladder Max Reach Capacity Check Price
Little Giant 15 Feet Adjustable Ladder 15 Feet 250 Pounds
Xtend And Climb Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 15.6 250 Pounds
For Two Story House
Image Ladder Max Reach Capacity Check Price
Louisville FE3224 20 Feet Ladder 24 Feet 300 Pounds
Xtend And Climb Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 22 Feet 300 Pounds

The ladder must be strong enough to hold your weight and should be adjustable.

Also, the ladder should be long enough to reach the gutters.

In this post, we talk about the length and type of ladder you need to get as per your roof, how to use a ladder without damaging the gutter, and the best ladder for cleaning gutters available.

blocked gutter
Blocked Gutter

What Size Ladder To Clean Gutters?

Okay, that is the most frequent question we often get when it comes to cleaning gutters. How long should be your gutter cleaning ladder?

Well, the answer may vary depending on the height of your home but we have a generalized parameter to figure out what’s the best ladder for cleaning gutters for you.

If you live in a single-story building then the height of the gutter is about 3.5 meters( around 11. feet )from the ground.

So you need to have a ladder with a working height of at least 12.5 to 13 feet to clean the gutters comfortably.

Since the ladder loses height on leaning on the wall, 15 to 17 feet ladder is the ideal ladder length for one-story houses.

If you live in a double-story building the height of the gutter is around 4.7 meters(15.4 feet) from the ground.

You can calculate it yourself by multiplying the height of the ceiling from the ground by 2 (ceiling height*2).

And for double-story buildings, the ideal length of the ladder in this would be at least 5.5 meters (18 feet) or more.

So it is recommended to buy a 20 to 22 feet ladder for 2 story buildings.

Read this article for more details:

How We Chose These Gutter Cleaning Ladders?

We, at, did an extensive study about gutter cleaning and issues related before coming up with the list of the best ladder for cleaning gutters.

These are the thing you need to keep in mind before buying a gutter cleaning ladder.

  1. The working height of the ladder should match the height of the gutter. The working height of a ladder is defined as the height you can reach without overbalancing the ladder.
  2. The legs of the ladders should have a good grip.
  3. Ideally, the ladders for gutter cleaning should have adjustable legs, so that it can be used on uneven surfaces.

And most of the time, when working out the door, we have to use the ladder on uneven ground, be it cleaning the gutter or painting outside walls.

So we have listed both types of ladders, with adjustable legs, and without adjustable legs.

The ladders with non-adjustable legs can also be used on uneven even surfaces by using ladder levelers.  We have mentioned them later in the post as well.

4 Best Ladder For Cleaning Gutters

So, now let’s see the top ladder you can get to cleaning your gutters. To make it easy for you, we have classified the ladders into two sections.

Ladder for single-story building and double-story building gutters. You can pick the ladder as per your home.

Single-Storey Gutter Cleaning Ladder

Little Giant 17 Feet Adjustable Ladder System

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this adjustable ladder can prove to be the best ladder for cleaning gutters.

Build with top-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, the ladder is strong and sturdy.

This ladder complies with all the OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards, so you can trust the ladder while using it.

Little Gaint 15 Feet Adjustable Ladder For Cleaning Gutter
Little Giant 17 Feet Adjustable Ladder

The ladder’s length is a total of 17 feet when extended, perfect for cleaning gutters of the single-story building.

Not only that, this adjustable ladder will be used as A-Frame, Extension as well as staircase ladder.

The ladder can be easily moved from one place to another with the help of wheels.

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Xtend And Climb Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

Strong and sturdy, Xtend And Climb telescopic ladder is easy to use and store.

The ladder extends up to 15.6 feet, providing enough height to the cleaning ladder for a single-story building.

Xtend And Climb Aluminium Telescopic Ladder for cleaning gutter
Xtend And Climb Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

Weighing 36 pounds this ladder might feel a little heavy, but is sturdy and strong to hold your weight easily.

The ladder retracts completely and can be stored in a small space.

Built with high-quality aluminum and being ANSI/OSHA it is one of the best ladders for cleaning the gutter of a single-story building.

Learn more about the ladder here. (link to Amazon)


Double-Story Gutter Cleaning Ladder

For a double-story building, we recommend you get a ladder of at least 20 feet.

Here are some of the ladders you can buy to clean the gutter of double-story buildings.

Louisville FE3224 20 Feet Ladder

This 300 pounds capacity ladder can easily hold your weight while cleaning two-story building gutters. The ladder exceeds the ANSI 14.4 and CSA grade 1 rating.

The legs come with steel-plated swivel safety shoes to avoid slipping of the ladder. The mar-resistant rail end caps protect the landing surface.

Louisville 20 Feet Ladder 
Louisville 20 Feet Ladder
Product Information 

Capacity: 300 pounds

Weight: 42 pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Size: 20 feet

Dimension: 120 x 18 x 6 inches

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Little Giant 12022 Revolution 22 Feet Ladder

For double-story gutters cleaning, you need a ladder that is strong and stable. And Little Giant 12022 Revolution ladder is exactly what you need.

Little Gaint 12022 Revolution 22 Feet Ladder
Little Gaint 12022 Revolution 22 Feet Ladder

This 22 feet, strong and sturdy ladder is built with high-quality air-craft grade aluminum.

The MAG4 hinges, wide-flared legs provide an unmatched feeling of stability and safety while using the ladder for gutter cleaning.

Having a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the 12022 Revolution ladder exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.

And we bet, this is the best ladder you can get for cleaning gutters.

Not just cleaning gutters, but this ladder can also be used as an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, and staircase ladder.

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So, here is the list of the best ladder for cleaning gutters!. If you are planning to buy yourself a ladder, we would highly recommend you to buy one of these ladders.

These ladders will reach the gutters easily and will not disappoint you with their strength and built quality.