best ladder stands for big guys

5 Best Ladder Stands For Big Guys [2024]: Expert’s Picks

We all would have used Ladder at some of the other points of our lives, wouldn’t we?

But have you ever wondered if the ladder can hold your weight? I mean if you are light and petite, you may not pay much attention to it.

But if you are relatively heavy or a big guy then you definitely think about it.

Because safety comes first always, we have to make sure that the ladder holds your weight and is safe for you when you climb.

So today we are going to introduce you to the top Best ladder stands that are strong enough to hold any weight.

And also we will tell you a few things that you have to consider when buying the best ladder stand.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Ladder Stand

  • Look for a strong and rigid ladder stand that reduces noise when setting up.
  • Make sure your ladder stand has the ability to lock itself to the tree from the ground before you climb on it.
  • Looks for an easy to climb the ladder
  • A wide platform where you can enter safely and move around spaciously.
  • Look for a flip-up seat.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Make sure that the ladder is not too straight up, but a little slant.
  • Look for something that is affordable that satisfies your needs at the same time.

Top 5 Ladder Stands For Big Guys

Below are our top 5 picks of Best Ladder stands for big guys that are stronger and have a large holding capacity.

1. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing TreeStand.

Summit Viper SD is a lightweight and easy-to-set-up ladder stand. It is just 20 pounds and is highly portable, you can easily carry it on your back and search whatever you want and wherever you want.

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand.
Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand.

Summit tree products are one of the safest, most comfortable, and silent products that are available in the market. It is made of the best standard aluminum, closed-front ladder stand that can hold up to 300lbs (136kg).

Best features of Summit Viper SD:

  • It is very comfortable, and light in weight.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.
  • It has some impressive sound-deadening technology that reduces the noise automatically.
  • Easy to set up with no knobs, pins, Bolts, etc.
  • Tested and approved by TMA

Features that can be improved in Summit Viper SD

  • It can be noisy when setting up sometimes.
  • Straps are made of low-quality material sometimes.

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2. X Stands Treestands The Comrade X 18-Inch Two Man Ladder Stand

It is one of the ideal ladder stands for big guys.

It can actually hold 2 people and is also suitable for heavy people as well.

X Stands Treestands The Comrade X 18-Inch Two Man Ladder Stand
X Stands Treestands The Comrade X 18-Inch Two Man Ladder Stand

It is accommodated with a Helix oval tube that increases the ladder stand durability and capacity.

The Comrade X can hold up to 400lbs which is definitely not a small number. Is it?

It is also easier to hold and set up wherever you want to. One of the best features is that it has chairs in opposite angles that allow people to check various directions when hunting.

Moreover, it also gives them a comfortable and independent feeling with the flex mesh seats.

Best features of The Comrade X.

  • It is quite comfortable, and flexible.
  • It is rigid and safe to use.
  • It has two seats which means two people can use it happily.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Helix tubing along with a weather defender coat.

Features that can be improved in The Comrade X.

  • The quality is not better all the time.
  • Not durable as we thought.

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3. Bolderton Deluxe Hang-On Ladder Stand

The Bolderton Deluxe Ladder stand has one of the most comfortable seats with a backrest that won’t make you tired for a long time.

Bolderton Deluxe Hang-On Ladder Stand.
Bolderton Deluxe Hang-On Ladder Stand

Bolderton Deluxe also has a detachable lumbar that assures you additional cushioning. It is the best choice for people who are looking for a comfortable, reliable, and best value for the price.

You can buy this at a very reasonable price which is around $130 without compromising the quality and the durability of the product.

Best features of  Bolderton Deluxe Ladder Stand.

  • Very comfortable to use
  • Adjustable seats and rigid.
  • Can hold up to 300lbs weight.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Silent stand technology

Features that can be improved in Bolderton Deluxe Ladder Stand.

  • Not durable as we thought.

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4. Guide Gear Wrap-a-Round Ladder Stand

The Guide Gear Ladder Stand is one of the top-rated products in its niche!

This product makes hunting a whole lot more convenient for you and your friend/relative/special someone.

It has everything you could possibly want from a tree stand – it’s got a large seat that can comfortably fit two, cushioning on the seat as well as armrests, and a padded shooting rail with flip-up pads.

Guide Gear Wrap-aRound Ladder Stand
Guide Gear Wrap-a-Round Ladder Stand

The best part, of course, is that not only is it user-friendly, but it also offers plenty of advantages to hunters with varying physical requirements whether they be disabilities or anything else!

Thanks to the adjustable bar and ladders, anyone can use this equipment effortlessly in any environment!

Best features of Guide Gear Ladder Stand.

  • Can hold up to 500lbs weight.
  • Adjustable support bar.
  • Large and wide seat suitable for two people.
  • Fully cushioned seat and armrests.
  • Includes a safety harness.

Features that can be improved in Guide Gear Ladder Stand.

  • No backrest available
  • Thin cushions which are not comfortable.

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5. Rivers Edge RE556 Lever-Action Hang-On Ladder Stand

If you’re looking to stay happy and comfortable while hunting, the River’s Edge TearTuff XL Lounger is a great piece of equipment to have.

Rivers Edge RE556 Lever-Action Hang-On Ladder Stand
Rivers Edge RE556 Lever-Action Hang-On Ladder Stand

Whether you are sitting or standing off-hand, you will have plenty of room for stretching your legs and arms as well as ample amounts of space for shooting targets with its large 37.5” x 24” platform.

Available in your choice of color and weighing only 25 lbs, the TearTuff XL conveniently folds down into an easy-to-transport package that can be carried like a backpack!

Best features of Rivers Edge Ladder Stand.

  • An extra-large platform that is comfortable to stand on.
  • Flip-Up seats and armrests.
  • Quiet attachments
  • Footrest and backrests are available
  • Sustainable lever action

Features that can be improved in Rivers Edge Ladder Stand. 

  • The quality is not better all the time.
  • Not durable as we thought.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the capacity of a regular ladder stand?

A regular ladder stand, which is portable and for a single person can hold up to 300pounds.

And if they are for 2 persons it can hold up to 500 pounds.

But make sure to take your backpack, your hunter clothes, and other accessories weight into consideration.

2. What is the lightest ladder stand available in the market?

Lone Wolf Assault is one of the lightest ladder-stands available in the market which weighs only 11lbs.

3. Which is the most comfortable ladder stand?

Personal preferences vary widely when it comes to these things so it’s really a personal choice.

You really don’t want to sacrifice comfort and safety, though, so always aim to find a chair that has comfortable padding, armrests, and a seat.

You definitely won’t want something that’s too hard or uncomfortable because then your back might ache after sitting for too long.


Did you know that over 50% of ladder stand injuries occur to the ankles?

When it comes to purchasing a ladder stand, there are several steps one should follow when looking to avoid injury.

There is a multitude of styles and brands available, making this an essential read for all hunters who are interested in having the best time out hunting for big game animals.

I hope you’ve learned a bit about the best ladder stands and how to utilize them! They are a little hard to get used to at first, but they’re quite useful once you get the hang of it! Remember: Don’t delay in shopping for one – get your favorite today!

Happy hunting!