3 Best Ladders For Airstream[2024]: Expert’s Recommendations

Airstreams are like unicorns. They truly are a one-of-a-kind great and magnificent sight to behold. With the aluminum body windows that let in light and streamline look you’ve got to be very careful with them.

Airstreams are unique trailers and one of a kind.

Best Ladders For Airstream

ImageLadderMax HeightWeightCheck Price
Multi-Purpose Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder12.5 Feet24.9 Pounds
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BEETRO 12.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder12.5 Feet23 Pounds
Telesteps 1600E Fully Telescopic Ladder12.5 Feet‎23 pounds
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Their aerodynamic aluminum bodies and unusual construction mean taking care of them requires the right tools, tips, and tricks, just like grooming a dog.

And one such important tool is Ladder. Today we are going to talk about the best Ladders for Airstreams.

As we always say and believe right ladder, makes the work quicker and easier. But Why do you need a ladder for Airstream? We will disclose that too.

Why do you need an Airstream ladder?

The ladder is a valuable tool to invest in when you have an airstream or RV. Ladders help you in many ways, they help you in cleaning the roof of the vehicle, or to check the maintenance of the roof sometimes.

And one of the most important works they do is help you climb onto the roof and enjoy the beautiful sunset at times! Now you tell me, Isn’t it something useful?

Which type of ladder is best for Airstream?

While the fold-able ladder does beget a portable climber it swells in size if storage space is limited. After we had done the bulk of our repairs we sold off the fold-able ladder for a more compact alternative. The telescoping ladders are a genius innovation! These slick tools condense a 12′ ladder into a mere 3′.

The combination of functionality and compactness is ideal for anyone that wants to maintain access to their roof without all the space.  Telescoping ladders do not come cheap but they allow you to easily store them in small areas making them ideal for smaller spaces like balconies or patios where elevators or bulky tools could prove to be too much of an eyesore.

Now let us look at the top 3 Best ladders for your airstream which makes you work easier and quicker.

1. Multi-Purpose Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder.

The Telescopic Ladder offers a new alternative to traditional ladders, it can be used in multiple areas including the home and at work.

It opens “step by step” which means that it can be used at multiple heights.

Multi-Purpose Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder
Multi-Purpose Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder 

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This makes it ideal for smaller spaces because you only open as much as necessary, giving you greater flexibility than traditional ladders.

It is extremely compact in comparison to normal ladders when closed down, this makes it especially useful if there’s limited storage space available.

The rubber feet featured on the ladder help protect internal flooring while also offering additional safety – maximum load 150kg.

Features that impressed us:

  • Foldable telescopic ladder
  • convenient to use
  • easy to carry around
  • Perfect ladder for your airstream
  • Safe and compact
  • an anti-slip rubber sleeve on the bottom for more stability.

Features that failed to impress us:

  • Not very sturdy at times.

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2. BEETRO 12.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

BEETRO Aluminum telescopic ladder is a premium-grade ladder that is very sturdy and safe to use.

It weighs around 23 pounds which is not considered ash heavyweight.

BEETRO 12.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder
BEETRO 12.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder 


And this ladder can hold up to 330 pounds which makes this ladder the best airstream ladder and entering this list.

The ladder also has this special balance rod that keeps the ladder from wobbling and moving when climbing.

This is one of the favorite features for the users.

You can also safely use this ladder on smooth marble or ceramic tiles due to its non-slip cap.

Features that impressed us:

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Made of aluminum for extra warranty.
  • Highly Portable
  • Various height options to choose from.
  • can hold up to 330 lbs.

Features that failed to impress us:

  • You will have problem locking ladder steps at times.

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3. Telesteps 1600E Fully Automatic Telescoping Ladder

The Telesteps revolutionary ladder is one of the tallest ladders in our today’s list which is 12.5ft and can reach up to the maximum height of 16ft.

Telesteps 1600E Fully Automatic Telescoping Ladder
Telesteps 1600E Fully Automatic Telescoping Ladder 

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But you don’t have to worry about the storage of the ladder after using it. It can shrink to almost 30 inches which makes the storage more comfortable.

Trusted by the US Military and Law Enforcement teams, the Telesteps Telescoping ladders are designed to help you become more efficient when it comes to assembling your equipment.

Using them isn’t complicated — no special training is required for basic operation because they’re very intuitive in this manner. They’re easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to store. Use them at home, at the office, job site, boat, RV, airstream, or anywhere you need a ladder!

Features that impressed us:

  • can hold up to 250lbs
  • can reach a maximum height of 16ft.
  • 100% Silicone Anti-Slip Pivoting Feet
  • OSHA, ANSI Tested
  • Multi-Functional Ladder
  • Retracts to 32 inches

Features that failed to impress us:

  • can be hard to contact sometimes.

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How to Safely Climb an Airstream Ladder?

Coming up in our discussion about ladders is going to be how to keep your body safe when climbing them. As an extension of the last section about ladders, we want you to know more about how to do your ladder maintenance.

When working on maintaining a ladder, you want to make sure that it is stable and that you take care not to place yourself in harm’s way while working with it by taking the following steps.

Our next tip is to keep a tight grip on the rung(s) and be sure to use all three points of contact. Moving around too much while you’re up there can cause you to lose your balance and fall off a ladder, which nobody wants! Don’t forget to wear good shoes for the job!


After reading the above blog we assume that you are all set to buy yourself a ladder for your airstream. Not only buy any ladder but the right ladder, we also gave you a few tips on how to use it to make things easier for you.

Choose the right ladder from the above list and start making your trips beautiful with an affordable and most convenient ladder.