Best Ladders For Conservatory Roof Cleaning.

Conservatories tend to be built so that people cannot access the roof, however, if you are wanting to clean or repair your conservatory’s roof, then it is best to use a set of standard rung ladders.

Standard rung ladders have been created by years of design and development by the conservatory industry because they are aware of this common issue or problem in conservatories.

There are some considerations that you should make before purchasing your standard staircase stepladder such as size, weight, and designs specifically made for conservatories like foldable stairs, etc…

In this buyer’s guide, we will take you through some of the most important variables when considering conservatory ladders, setting out several factors such as size, proportion, and operation, and their subsequent pros/cons.

1. Yvan Telescoping Ladder

Yvan telescopic ladders are made of premium aluminum alloy that prolong the life of your ladder. It also has plastic infused in it and reinforced with nylon fiber to increase the holding capacity, stability, and lifetime warranty.

This ladder has this amazing one-button retraction that allows you to close the ladder after using it and storing it using very little space. Even though it is a 12ft tall ladder, you can store it in very little space.


  • Made with premium aluminum alloy
  • can hold up to 330lbs.
  • single click retraction.
  • suitable for all your indoor and outdoor works.
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Can save a lot of space.
  • 12.5ft long.


  • Plastic can be of poor quality at times.
  • Not very sturdy.

2. Handvoll Telescoping Ladder

Handvoll Telescoping Ladder is one such ladder that you need for all your household, indoor, outdoor, and conservatory roof purposes. It is a multi-purpose ladder that can satisfy all your ladder needs. You can reach the maximum that you desire safely with this ladder.

It also has anti-slip feet that assure you stay safe when climbing it. This ladder can expand up to a height of 15.5 ft and can easily retract to 3ft after you finish the work. So you can happily transport it wherever you want.

The ladder weighs around 12lbs but, can hold up to 330 lbs which is a great holding capacity. So you don’t have to worry about your weight or the accessories’ weight when cleaning your conservatory roof using this ladder.


  • Highly versatile
  • can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • easy to use
  • easy to store after using
  • can hold up to 330 pounds
  • 15.5ft tall suitable for cleaning conservatory roofs.
  • safe and secure to use.


  • can’t hold more capacity as said in the description.
  • the top small-cap is not so thick and strong.
  • chance of missing a few parts during the delivery.

3. ARCHOM Folding Ladder Aluminum

ARCHOM Folding Ladder is one of the tallest ladders on our list today with a maximum height of 16ft. Other than the height it is also heavier than other ladders that we are talking about today that weigh around 28 pounds. It is an eco-friendly ladder that has the EN131 safety material certificate that makes this more reliable and high performing.

The ladder is waterproof, corrosion-free, and highly durable to use. You can just retract the ladder after finishing your work and store it somewhere as it doesn’t need much storage space.


  • Tall 16ft ladder
  • can hold up to 330lbs
  • Eco friendly
  • safe to use
  • easy to store
  • EN131 safety material certificate.
  • Non-slip big for cover.


  • the rungs locker may not work properly sometimes.
  • Not sturdy enough
  • Feels unsafe.
  • Flimsy and weak
  • Can stop retracting after a few uses.

4. Xtend & Climb Contractor Series

This is one of the most professional ladders that we have on our list today. It satisfies all the ANSI/OSHA standards for safety compliance and duty rating making it one of the most reliable conservatory roof ladders.

Its made of airplane-grade aluminum alloy for extreme strength and durability. The ladder is around 15.5 ft and the maximum height you can reach using this ladder is 19.5 ft which means it is a perfect ladder for conservatory roof cleaning. It weighs around 40lbs which can be a little heavier than other ladders.


  • Sturdy and Handles weight well.
  • Very good quality.
  • lightweight and portable!
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Great compact ladder!


  • Difficult to operate.
  • The ladder is heavier than other options in the market.

5. Telescoping Ladder Jason 12.5FT

The Jason Telescopic Ladder satisfies all the CE and EN131 standards which means it is highly safe to use. However, you have to be careful when folding or unlocking the ladder.

It is a 12.5 ft ladder with which you can reach a minimum height of 15ft easily. The ladder can also hold up to 330lbs so you can rely on this ladder for all your indoor and outdoor purposes.

The rungs also move automatically up and down with a single touch release mechanism. Each crosspiece has a double coupling, reliable anti-pinch setting that allows you to put your hand in the exact position. Anti-slip rubber bottom caps on the soles prevent the ladder from wiggling and make it stable when you climb.


  • Extremely durable
  • corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • can hold up to 330lbs
  • the maximum height you reach with this ladder is 15ft.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Suitable for all indoor, outdoor, and work purposes.
  • Safe and reliable to use.


  • Ladder retraction can be difficult
  • can be woggling at times.

Tips on choosing the right Conservatory roof ladder.

Ladder height:

Choosing the right extension size is a must, but our advice is to choose an extension that is bigger than you’ll probably need.

The reason why we suggest this is you want to ensure that your ladder is as safe as possible, and It can also be used in a larger space if you move to a property with a larger conservatory. Make sure the extension size will hold the conservatory ladder well without movement.

Ladder weight:

Weight is also considered as one of the main factors when buying a ladder. Usually, the conservatory roofs ladders are heavy ladders when compared to other ladders. If you are someone, you can’t handle much weight or who is older to carry heavy weight then you should consider buying a ladder that is light in weight. Or else it is going to be a waste of your money and efforts.

Other features:

If you want a ladder that is highly versatile you might need some deep research in this category. Because there are many ladders available in the market that provide all facilities that you need. So doing a little research before buying your ladder is advisable.


Finding the right ladder is not an easy task, but we offered you a few tips that help you choose the right ladder within no time. You can always rely on us for choosing the right ladder for any of your indoor and outdoor activities. Bookmark our website if you think this article helped you, we have more interesting stuff coming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to use conservatory ladders for conservatory roofs?

Yes, they are safe to use for your conservatory roof cleaning. But there are a few factors that you need to consider when buying the ladder as per your needs and roof height. If you follow all the ladder guidelines and check all the factors before buying, then you can safely finish your work using a ladder.

How tall does my conservatory ladder have to be?

Always make sure that your conservatory ladder is a bit taller than your original roof length. So that you can easily climb on it without feeling uncomfortable or fear losing balance. 

How to choose the right ladder for my conservatory roof?

There are three main factors that you need to consider when buying the right ladder for your conservatory. Ladder height, ladder material, and ladder holding capacity. If the ladder satisfies all the three main factors you can blindly buy it and use it happily.