How Much Do Ladders Cost? (Costs For All Types, Materials Included)

In order to perform several tasks including house inspections or cleaning the roofs, a ladder is the most useful tool. If you’re considering purchasing a ladder, apart from the ladder’s height, type, and construction material, the cost of the ladder is one of the most important considerations.

It doesn’t matter even if you use your ladder once a year. But you should invest in a good quality ladder to avoid the risks of falling off from a cheap quality ladder. So, how much should you anticipate paying for a ladder?

The average cost of a good-quality, safe-to-use ladder will be anywhere between $150 to $300 depending on the material, height, and type of the ladder.

For example, heavy wooden ladders will be expensive when compared to aluminum ladders. Even though the minimum cost a ladder can have starts from $70, the branded ones range up to $1000.

How Much Does A Ladder Cost?

A utility step ladder or a stool ladder can cost as little as $50 or as much as $300 for an extra heavy-duty stepladder. An aluminum extension, articulated or telescoping ladder of around 10 feet to 16 feet may cost you as little as $150. While the same long ladders in fiberglass will cost you around $200.

Apart from these ladders, which you use for household work, there are ladders centered for a specific purpose. For example, you may be wondering, how much do fire escape ladders cost? Or how much do pool ladders cost?

Well, a fire-escape ladder with a Maximum dead load of 450 Kg can cost you anywhere around $150 to $250. One of the best purchases would be Saf Escape Ladder. While there are fire-escape ladders within the $70 to $120 range as well, they are meant for less weight.

A basic model of Intex Pool ladders will cost you around $75 with zero installation fees. Mostly these are A-frame ladders, meant for the above-ground pools. The in-pool ladders will cost you around $180 to $500 dollars, depending on the number of steps, weight, materials of handrails, and much more.

Blanket ladders meant for home decoration purposes will cost you as little as $50 to $80. These 5 feet blanket ladders weigh about 10lb and are sturdy, easy to assemble, and made of materials like wood, or steel.

Which Ladders Cost $50 As Shown In Advertisements?

Good quality Ladders worth $50 are found online and mostly these are 2-step or 3-step stool ladders that you can use in the kitchen or in your home to reach those cupboards at height.

Some of them are Delxo 2 Step Ladder, Step Ladder EFFIELER, Brookstone BKH1318 2-Step Ladder, HBTower 3 Step Ladder.

But remember that if you try to find a tall, 16ft ladder worth this price, the quality will be relatively poor, and you don’t want to risk your safety on a shoddy product.

Which Ladders Cost $800 And More?

There are ladders worth $800 and more. They are usually branded, made of High-Quality Metals, multi-purpose, high durability, and have tons of other useful features like extension and lock mechanism, heavy-duty closure strap and much more, warranty, and much more.

If you want to spend on such ladders you can try out Louisville Specialty Double-Step Ladder,
XHP Tallest Extension Ladder, XHP Tallest Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, Little Giant Ladders, Skyscraper.

Mostly Little Giant Ladders, Werner or Louisville ladder, and the popular brands of the ladder will cost you almost in the same range with minute differences for the same type of ladder model.

What Does A Ladder’s Cost Depend On?

The Duty Rating, ANSI type, type (telescoping, attic, step, extension, etc), material (wood, aluminum, fiberglass), and design all influence the ladder’s cost. The cost of products geared toward more specialized labor is typically inflated by the inclusion of extra features and accessories.

To make tasks easier for you, according to us, these are the factors in descending order on which the ladder’s cost depend on:

  • Brand
  • Certified ladders
  • Duty Rating
  • Type of ladder
  • Material Used
  • Height of ladder
  • Additional Features

You’ll have an easier time coming up with a spending plan if you focus on a certain category first. Prior to making a final decision on a product, make sure that it is OHSA-compliant and ANSI-certified. The safest equipment you can afford is worth the investment even if you’ll just use it at home for a few hours a day.

What Is The Price Of A 20-Foot Ladder?

The price of a 20-foot extension ladder on Amazon ranges from $200 to $400. Telescoping ladders and regular ladders make up the majority of these extensions.

Additionally, these extension ladders are typically categorized as type III or type II. For the most part, these ladders are conventional and telescopic ladders, which are only suitable for light-duty tasks.

How Much Does Wooden Ladders Cost?

Wooden ladders are less expensive than aluminum and fiberglass ladders. You can get them on Amazon for $70 to $120.

In addition to being inexpensive and commonly accessible, wood ladders may be easily constructed at home with the assistance of a local carpenter. These

However, most of the wooden ladders you will find online are attic ladders which are worth more than $150 owing to their tall height (more than 10ft) and additional features. They are quite sturdy and will give you aesthetic looks at your home as well.

How Much Does Aluminum Ladders Cost?

Aluminum ladders are more expensive than wood ladders. You can get good quality aluminum ladders of around 8 to 12ft within $100 to $150.

Because these can be folded up when not in use, they are more convenient than traditional wooden ladders.

Aluminum ladders, on the other hand, aren’t very long-lasting. Another thing to keep in mind is that aluminum ladders cannot be used outside or in connection with electricity or heating.

How Much Does Fiberglass Ladders Cost?

Ladders made of fiberglass cost the highest. Ladders made of fiberglass are the strongest and most resistant to electricity and other external elements available.

Fiberglass ladders may be utilized for a variety of tasks. As a result, your fiberglass ladders can cost anywhere between $150 to $250.

The maximum length of these ladders is 25 feet due to their weight and expense.

How Much Do Attic Ladders Cost?

In your local big-box home improvement store, aluminum attic-ladder kits cost between $180 and $240. Even though they’ll endure a long time, the moisture and weather fluctuations that frequently occur in attics might damage the wood.

Kits for building a wooden attic ladder range in price from $150 to $750 at sites like Amazon and the expensive ones being at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

In terms of conventional attic-ladder materials, steel is by far the most costly. If you want a steel attic ladder set, budget between $480 and $1,00.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Attic Ladders?

Installing an attic ladder might cost anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

For example, the living space, the ladder material, the weight capacity of the ladder, the hatch installation, the labor cost, the additional accessory costs, the finishing, the paint, and many others are all important.

There is a wide variety in the price for installing an attic ladder. Additionally, the typical cost for labor and other accessories might be calculated at $445.

What Are the Replacement Costs Of Attic Ladder?

There is a labor charge of $55 to $60 per hour for the replacement of the attic ladder. It will take you between two and three hours to complete this task.

So between $165 and $185, you may expect to pay for replacing an attic ladder. However, keep in mind that this fee only covers the cost of a new unit, not the cost of any renovation or repairs.

How Much Does A Loft Ladder Cost?

The loft ladders, which are often constructed of aluminum, are attached to the hatch and are pulled down by parts sliding out from one another.

A three-section loft ladder should cost around $200, while a two-section one should cost around $150 less.

Even if you don’t plan to use your loft ladder often, you’ll need a more sturdy type if you plan on making a lot of trips up and down.

The price of a high-end sliding ladder, complete with railings and spring-assisted operation, may reach upwards of $500.

How Much Does A Multi-Purpose Ladder/ Transformer Ladder Cost?

Multipurpose ladders or Transformer ladders are expensive, usually IA and 10 to 32 ft tall, and may cost from $400 to $900. The Best set of Multipurpose Transformer ladders is the Little Giant Ladders.

So you must be wondering how much does the little giant Xtreme ladder cost? They are mostly made of aluminum only, while their fiberglass counterparts with IAA ratings can be way more expensive, starting from $600.

The step-and-extension elements of the versatile ladder are combined to maximize its adaptability. It can stand on its own, or you may need to rest it against something solid. If the product is sturdy enough, it can even be used to erect scaffolding.

How Does Duty Rating Influence The Cost Of Ladders?

There are five main types of ladders, each with a different weight capability.

  • Extra heavy-duty, or IAA, refers to a system that can support a maximum weight of 375 pounds.
  • To qualify as exceptionally heavy-duty or IA, the ladder must be able to transport at least 300 pounds.
  • A ladder is considered heavy-duty or I if it can support more than 250 pounds.
  • 225 pounds is the weight limit for the medium-duty or type II model.
  • A light-duty has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Ladders, which are heavy-duty, start from $150 at Amazon. For most of your household work, the best ladders are IA. You can notice that the ladders meant for general utility work will cost you as less as $60 to $80.

Where Can You Find Ladders for Sale On The Internet?

With this information in hand, it’s time to go shopping and purchase the perfect ladder for your needs. Excellent internet stores may be found that provide high-quality goods at reasonable costs.

Some of the best online eCommerce platforms to find good-quality ladders at Lowes, Ace Hardware, Amazon, eLadders, and Home Depot.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Ladder?

The cost of renting a ladder varies according to the length of the ladder. The standard cost for a 10-foot ladder often begins at $5 or $10. Ladders that are longer than this will incur additional fees.

The rental period is divided into hourly periods, by the way. If you hire a 10-foot ladder for $10 a day, you may only be able to use it for two or three hours.


Depending on the Duty rating, followed by type, height, then material and other important features, your ladder might cost you anywhere between $70 to $900.

On average, the standard IA, 10ft telescoping, extension, or step ladders will cost you around $100 to $200. As the height and duty ratings increase, considering the price also increases. Whereas its fiberglass counterparts will tend to cost $50 to $100 more.

Ladders simplify your job and allow you to access areas that are inaccessible to you. So what are you waiting for? Consider investing on your desired ladder today itself.