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5 Best Gutter Protectors For Ladders: No More Gutter Damage!

If you use a ladder to clean gutters, then you must be knowing how difficult the job is. Climbing up the ladder, shoveling all the dirt, and most importantly, not damaging the gutter in the process. That is where gutter protectors for ladders come into the picture.

5 Best Ladder Gutter Guards

ImageNameDimensionCheck Price
Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer19 x 37 x 21 inches
Roofer Gutter Protector8 x 22 x 6 inches
Werner Adjustable Stabilizer and Surface Protector32 x 16 x 2.2 inches
Ladder's Little Helper Gutter Protector18.6 x 4.2 x 11.8 inches
Levelok Stabilizer and Stand-Off Brackets23 x 14 x 4 inches

Placing a ladder against a gutter guard may damage them considering the pressure you are applying to them and for how long.

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One way to ensure that you don’t damage your ladder is to use a gutter ladder protector.

In this post, we will see the 5 best gutter protectors for ladders that you can get for your gutter cleaning.

But before we go into the details about these gutter ladder protectors, let us see why we need one!

Why Do We Need Gutter Protectors For Ladders

Nowadays, gutters are made of different materials like galvanized steels, aluminum, PVC(or other plastic materials), and sometimes wood.

And if you lean a ladder against the gutter to climb up and clean it, the chance is the combined weight of the ladder and you along with the tools may deform the gutter and damage it.

Also, the is you lean the ladder against the gutter is not safe. Because the ladder may slide when you climb up or the worst, the ladder may damage creating misbalance leading to falling.

A gutter ladder protector had prevented all that. It protects the gutter either by keeping the ladder off the gutters.

Also, the protector stabilizes the ladder and makes cleaning the ladder more secure and safe. It prevents the slipping of the ladder.

Thus a ladder gutter protector not only protects gutters but also makes cleaning them easier and safe.

Types Of Gutter Protectors For Ladders

So basically, there are two types of ladder gutter guards.

1. Ladder Stand-off gutter protector

These gutter guards keep the ladder off the ladder by 10 to 12 inches. So basically the ladder doesn’t touch the gutters when leaning.

2. Fit-in Gutter Guards

They are the ladder gutter protectors that fit in the gutter and acts as a shield when you lean your ladder against them. The spread the weight of the ladder evenly on a wider area of the gutter and prevent them from damage that might be caused when the weight of the ladder is put at just two points.

5 Best Gutter Protectors For Ladders

Here is the list of the 5 best Gutter Ladder Protector you must have when cleaning gutters.

Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer

It is the best-recommended product on the list and is the number one selling stand-off.

Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer
Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer

Stand-off stabilizer by Ladder-Max is of great use while cleaning gutters. The stand-off not only keeps the ladder off the gutter but also stabilizes the ladder. The stand-off keeps the ladder 19 inches off the gutter and prevents any damage to the gutter.

The stand-off can be installed on the ladder in seconds and can be easily removed once you have clean the ladder.

Not just with cleaning gutters but this stand-off can also be used to stabilize the ladder while doing other works like painting high walls, or cleaning windows, etc.

The stand-off is ANSI-certified and complies with the safety standards of OSHA. Now you can enjoy safety and confidence while using your ladder to clean gutters.

The stand-off is made of high-grade zinc plated steel construction material which makes it durable and strong. It can be installed and used in different kinds of ladders including aluminum ladders, fiberglass ladders, and articulating ladders.

Other Specifications

– Weight: 7.7 pounds

– Dimensions: 19 x 37 x 21 inches

– Material: Galvanized steel

–  Best for Cleaning gutter and ladder-related works.

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Ladder-Max Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle

Get all the Ladder-Max gutter cleaning tools at a bundle price. The bundle includes:

  • Original stand-off stabilizer
  • Gutter getter scope
  • Extension pole
  • Bucket hook
  • Gutter Graber
Ladder-Max Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle
Ladder-Max Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle

Check out the Ladder-Max value bundle on Amazon.

Roofer 2 In 1 Ladder Stabilizer+Gutter Protector

This ladder gutter protector doesn’t attach to the ladder. Rather it fits inside the gutter and supports the weight of the ladder to prevent damage.

Roofer 220539 Ladder Stabilizer Cum Gutter Protector
Roofer Ladder Stabilizer + Gutter Protector

When using Roofer 220539 stabilizer, the weight of the ladder is transferred from the gutter to the fascia of the stabilizer. This prevents the crushing of the delicate gutters while cleaning them.

Made of high quality, rugged polypropylene, it is sturdy and strong enough to bear your and the ladder’s weight. Also, the rubber pads on it prevent it from slipping off the gutter.

The Roofer stabilizer fits any gutter of 5 to 6 inches. Also, it can be used with any ladder whose size is up to  18.5 feet. The ability to use the stabilizer to use different ladders is great if you have gutters at different heights.

Other Specifications

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Dimension: 8 x 22 x 6 inches

Color: Safety yellow

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Material: Polypropylene

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Werner 97P Adjustable Stabilizer and Surface Protectors

This adjustable ladder stabilizer and surface protector can prove to be of great use for cleaning gutters.

It has a span adjustment(the gap between both the arms of the stabilizer) of 49 inches, 57 inches, and 65 inches. This feature makes indeed makes it very useful for cleaning gutters at various heights and designs.

Werner 97P Adjustable Gutter Protector
Werner 97P Adjustable Gutter Protector

The stand-off distance provided by the stabilizer is 12 inches(1 foot) which is quite impressive. This means your ladder would have enough gap with the gutter to damage it in any way.

The stabilizer is quick and easy to mount. Also, once the job is done, you can remove it from the ladder easily to use your ladder in a normal way.

Werner 97P Adjustable Surface protector comes with rubber pads to protect the surface from scratches and also for better grip. You also get fleece bonnets, mounting hardware along with the stabilizer.

Built with high-grade aluminum, the stabilizer weighs 7.7 pounds. Also, it is ANSI certified and complies with all OSHA standards.

Other specifications

Weight: 7.7 pounds

Dimension: 32 x 16 x 2.2 inches

Color: Silver

Material: Aluminium

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Ladder’s Little Helper Gutter Protector

Ladder’s Little Helper gutter protector is a lightweight yet strong gutter protector. Made of polypropylene, the protector spreads the combined weight of you and your ladder in a wider area.

Ladder's Little Helper Gutter Protector
Ladder’s Little Helper Gutter Protector

Put the protector on the gutter and now you can lean your ladder on it without worrying about the bending of the gutter. Not just the bending but It also protects the gutter from scratches that might occur from leaning the ladder against it.

How it works- It fits on the gutter, acting as a shield for the gutter. And when you lean the ladder against the protector, the pressure of the ladder is dispersed on the wider area. This prevents bending and damage to the gutter.

Apart from using it as a gutter cleaning aide, it can also be used in painting walls and to safely get on the roof.

Other Specifications

Weight: 1 pound

Dimension: 18.6 x 4.2 x 11.8 inches

Material: Polypropylene

Color: Orange/Black

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Levelok Stabilizer & Stand-Off Brackets

The functioning of this stand-off gutter protector is a little different than the ones we saw above in the article.

It works with an extension ladder with open D or O rung holes on the outside of the rails. It fits inside the holes of the ladder and works as a stand-off when leaning the ladder on the roof or wall when leaning gutter or painting.

Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows
Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows

Levelok stabilizer is a beast when it comes to built quality. Made of high-grade aluminum, this ladder aide is compliant with all ANSI and OSHA. It can be used with all kinds of ladders up to Type IA and 300 pounds weight capacity.

Also, the installation of the brackets is also simple. Just slide the two ends of the bracket to the holes of the rung of the ladder and the system is ready. Also, once the job is accomplished, the bracket can be removed easily.

The elbow end(the other end of the bracket which comes in contact with surfaces) is silicon elbow which is stronger than the foam version of the same bracket. Silicon is a heavy-duty and long-lasting elbow material. It basically protects the surfaces from scratches

Other Specifications

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 4 inches

Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds

Material: Aluminium

Model Number: ST-ORS-3XL

Style: Silicon elbow

Color: Silver, Grey

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Ladder Aides For Cleaning Gutter

Here is the list of items that are helpful in making gutter cleaning work safe and easy

Ladder Levelers

With ladder levelers, you can level the feet of your ladder on uneven ground. Ladder placement on Uneven ground is can is risky and unsafe. But the ladder levelers make the job essay by leveling the legs of the ladder.

ProVision Ladder Leveler
ProVision Ladder Leveler(Click to check price)


Levelizer Ladder Leveler
Levelizer Ladder Leveler(Click to check price)



Precaution To Take When Cleaning Gutter

Choose The Right Ladder

When cleaning gutters, it is important to choose the right ladder. Choose a ladder whose reach lets you clean the ladder safely and comfortably. An inappropriate length ladder can be hard to balance while climbing up and cleaning the gutter.

Choosing a ladder that is too long or too short is not only risky but it may also damage gutters and roof. So first, it is important to choose the right ladder before start any gutter cleaning work.

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Ladder Placement

Ladder Placement is one of the important aspects of gutter cleaning. Place the ladder on the stable ground before climbing up for gutter cleaning. Placing a ladder on uneven ground may lead to falls and serious injuries.

Also, an uneven ladder placement of the ladder may damage your roof and gutters.

If you do not have even a surface to place your ladder, you can use a ladder leveler to level the ladder’s leg. Using a ladder leveler makes using a ladder much safer on uneven surfaces.

ProVision Leveling Tool
ProVision Leveling Tool

Also, do not lean the ladder against the roof or the gutter. Doing so may damage them. Instead, use any of the ladder gutter guards listed above in the article. Ladder gutter protectors not only protect the gutter damage but also acts as ladder stabilizers for gutter cleaning.

Improper Clothing

Proper clothing is important when cleaning the gutter. You should avoid wearing long oversize clothes when working on such heights if you don’t want it to get caught in something causing you to fall. Wear proper, fit clothes.

Also, wear a pair of sturdy shoes and gloves. Some gutters have sharp edges, and gloves reduce the possibility of getting cuts from them while cleaning.

Climbing a ladder barefoot is risky. If you work for too long, your sole may sweat and slip on the rungs of the ladder. Shoes make climbing up ladders and working easy. They provide a proper grip to stand on the ladder. So do wear a pair of proper size shoes while cleaning gutters.


So here was the list of the 5 best gutter protectors for ladders. If you are planning to buy a ladder gutter guard then you should go with any of these recommended gutter protectors.

If you have already used a gutter guard then do let us know about your experience in the comment section. We would love to know and share it with others.