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6 Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladders [2024]: Expert’s Recommendation

Looking for ultra lightweight telescopic ladders? Well, you are in the right place then.

We have done all the research for you and found out some of the lightest telescopic ladders in every length category.

Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladders

ImageNameMax HeightWeight CapacityCheck Price
Yi Hai Lightweight Telescopic Ladder6.5 Feet330 pounds (14.5 Kg)
Magshion Telescoping Aluminum Ladder8.5 Feet330 pounds (150 kg )
Work-It Lightweight Telescopic Ladder 10.5 Feet330 pounds (150 kg)
Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder12.5 Feet330 pounds (150 kg)
Jason Telescopic Ladder
14.5 Feet330 pounds (150 kg)
HandVoll Telescopic Ladder
15.5 Feet330 pounds (150 kg)

Working with a ladder is indeed a tough job. And working with a heavy one is even tougher. Be it moving the telescopic ladder from one place to another or retracting it once the work is done. Heavy telescopic ladders are really hard to work with.

So, if you are alone, painting walls, or maybe buy a lightweight ladder for your old parents, then these ladders can prove to be a perfect choice.

How We Choose These Lightweight Ladders

We did great research before finalizing this article. We looked for the best lightweight ladder manufactured by different companies and compared their length, rating, and weight capacity.

Also, we tried to include all the length variations of telescopic ladders as your requirements might be different from someone who is looking for ultra lightweight telescopic ladders for some other purpose.

The post contains details of 6 lightweight ladders which are 6.5 feet to 15.5 feet long.

All the ladders are the lightest ladder in the respective length category.

We keep updating the list. So if we find another lightweight ladder, it will surely be added in the post.

6 Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladders

So, here the detailed information about all the ladders. Choose the ladder which fits perfectly for your requirements.

Although all the ladders are carefully handpicked, do consider the length, weight capacity, and ratings before going for any of the listed ladders.

1. Yi Hai Lightweight 6.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

If you need a lightweight ladder for indoor use then you must check this ladder.

Weighing just 10 pounds, this very lightweight and perfect ladder for small tasks.

Be it hanging a picture on the wall, home decoration, or cleaning shelves.

Yi Hai Lightweight 6.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder
Yi Hai Lightweight 6.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

Not just lightweight, but this ladder is quite strong and sturdy. Made from high-quality aluminum, the ladder has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds(14.5 Kg).

That means heavy people can also use this ladder for works.

EN131 certified, this ladder is compliant with all safety standards. So you can use this ladder with confidence and comfort.


Easy to transport and store

Being an ultra lightweight telescopic ladder, this ladder is easy to carry and transport.

Having a 6.5 feet maximum extension, it collapses down to just 27 inches for easy storage.

Safe to use

The ladder comes with anti-skid rungs with deep treads.

This allows your footwear to have a better grip with the rungs to avoid any kind of mishap while using the ladder.

Lock system

The lock system in the ladder keeps the ladder extended when in use and prevents collapsing.

High-grade nylon is used for the lock system which is very durable and can bear rough usage.

Other Specifications

Weight: 10 pounds

Dimension: 18 x 3 x 79 inches

Number of steps: 7

Material: Aluminium

Color: Silver

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2. Magshion 8.5 Ft Telescoping Aluminum Ladder

The Magshion telescopic ladder is the lightest telescopic ladder in the 8.5 feet ladder category and weighs just 15.45 pounds(7 Kg).

Magshion Telescoping Aluminum Ladder
Magshion Telescoping Aluminum Ladder

It is made of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for ultimate durability along with lightweight portability.

This ladder is 18 to 20 % lighter than any of the 8.5 feet long telescopic ladder.

Let us talk about other features of the ladder.

Made of high-quality aluminum, the ladder has 330 pounds(150 kg), 70 pounds more than some of the other telescopic ladders available in the market.

The ladder is certified and compliant with Europe Safety Standards EN131.

It comes with an automatic safety lock, Stabilizer bar, anti-skid pads, multi-position operating hinges, all to ensure safety while working with the ladder.

The extra-wide rungs make it safe and comfortable to climb and work on the ladder.

Wide rungs not only make it comfortable to stand if you have to work longer on the ladder but also eliminate the possibility of losing footing.

Other Specifications

Number of steps: 9

Size: 8.5 feet

Material: Aluminium

Overall dimensions: 102.4 inches x  18.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Folded dimensions: 28 inches x  18.5 inches x 2.5 inches

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Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladders


3. Work-It 10.5 Ft Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladder

With a maximum extendable length of 10.5 feet, Work-It telescopic ladder is lightest 10.5 feet telescopic ladder we found.

Easy to store and carry around, this ultra-lightweight telescopic ladder collapse down to just 30 inches.

Work-It 10.5 Ft Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladder
Work-It 10.5 Ft Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladder

The ladder is strong built and long enough to do most of the household tasks including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc.

Made of high-grade aluminum alloy, the ladder is strong and weighs lighter than any other 10.5 telescopic ladders. The total weight of this ladder is just 19.25 pounds(8.73 kg).

It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg) and is certified to European Safety Standard EN131, SGS, and CE.


The ladder has wide steps for comfortable footings. Also, the steps are anti-resistant to avoid slipping when climb the ladder.

Also, both the feature ensure safety and comfort when standing on the rungs for a long time.

The non-slip cap at the bottom of the legs of the ladder prevents slipping of the ladder.

The reinforced plastic caps establish better contact with the ground.

This telescopic ladder is easy to operate.

The lowest rung of the ladder has a lock system.

You just need to pull the release button and start raising the rungs to attain the desired height.

Also, once the job is done, the gas safety spring system at the bottom of each rung makes it safe to lower the rungs.

Just push the lever at the bottom of each rung and it will come down slowly.

Other Specifications

Weight: 19.25 pounds

Dimension: 31.5 x 18.5 x 3 inches

Size: 10.5 feet

Material: Aluminium

Weight capacity: 330 pounds (150 kg)

Number of steps: 11

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4. Ohuhu 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

Weighing 25.4 pounds(11.5 kg), this ladder is the lightest telescopic ladder in the 12.5 feet ladder category.

It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which makes it strong, lightweight, and without sacrificing strength.

Ohuhu 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder
Ohuhu 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

The weight capacity of the ladder is 330 pounds, enough to hold weight and to be used by people of all ages and weight.

The ladder is sturdy and can be used in all kinds of works like window cleaning, installing lights at home, etc.

Compliant with EN131 and SGS European Safety Standards, the ladder gives you peace of mind while climbing and working on the ladder.


The ladder is very convenient to retract once your work is done.

It comes with an easy retraction button system.

Once the job is done, and you want to collapse the ladder, just press down the retraction button on the last rung of the ladder and the rungs will retract automatically and effortlessly.

This also makes sure that there is no pinching of fingers when retracting the ladder.

When expanded, each section of the ladder is held by intelligent locking pins.

They hold all the rungs in place and prevent sliding of rungs and ensure smooth and slow retraction.

This ladder is a perfect friend of all homeowners.

Its length is 12.5 feet and thus can be used in almost all high-reach household works.

Be it cleaning windows, painting high walls, changing light bulbs, or cleaning gutters, this ladder can be is for every job.

Other Specifications

Height: 12.5 feet

Weight: 25.4 pounds

Dimensions: 36.6 x 20.3 x 4.5 inches

Material: Aluminium

Color: Silver

Number of steps: 13

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5. Jason 14.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

If you are looking for 14.5 feet ultra-lightweight telescopic ladders, then Jason Telescopic ladder is what you need.

We scanned the whole internet and found no other 14.5 feet ladder that is lighter than this one.

Jason 14.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder
Jason 14.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

The ladder weighs 27 pounds, 3 to 4 pounds lighter than other ladders of the same length.

The weight capacity of the ladder is 330 pounds(150 kg). When folded, the ladder retracts to just 3 feet in length. The ladder is compact and easy to carry.

Made from high-grade aluminum, the ladder is made to last long and bear every condition. It is durable, corrosion and rust-resistant.

The ladder is EN131 certified, and compliant with all the CE Standards.


The anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom of the legs prevent the ladder from slipping.

Also, since the rubber caps have a better grip than plastic caps, the ladder is much safer to use.

The rubber pads not only prevent the ladder from slipping but also prevents it from overturning.

The inward slide latches help one-feet increment to expand the ladder to the desired length.

Also, once the job is done, the patent one-touch release mechanism makes it simple to retract the ladder.

The twin buttons at each end of rungs keep the ladder extended.

When you want to retract the ladder, you just need to pull the buttons inward to collapse the ladder. It is safe and simple.

Other Specifications

Weight: 27.2 pounds

Dimension: Folded size: 94 x 48 x 8 cm, Unfolded size: 440 x 48 x 8 cm

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Material: Aluminium alloy

Color: Silver

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6. HandVoll 15.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

Handvoll ladder is the lightest ladder in 15.5 feet ladder length category. Weighing just 29.2 pounds (13.24 kg), the ladder is very portable and easy to use.

HandVoll 15.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder
HandVoll 15.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder

Be it professional construction work or hanging a picture on the wall at home, this ladder can prove to be a perfect ladder for every job.

The ladder is solidly built, expands to variable heights thus can be used for a number of works.

The ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds and is EN131 certified.


The ladder is highly adjustable. It can be expanded from 3 feet to 15.5 feet. Increasing the height of the ladder with a quick lift of rungs.

And once the work is done, collapse the ladder with a simple push-button.

The ladder weighs 29.2 pounds can be easily carried from one place to other.

The hooks at the top of the ladder help to fix the ladder when working on the roof or cleaning the gutter.

Also, the support frame at the bottom of the ladder makes the ladder more stable and reliable compared to other telescopic ladders.

Other specifications

Weight: 29.2 pounds

Dimension: 39.5 x 20 x 3.8 inches

Size: 15.5 feet

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Having ultra lightweight telescopic ladders at home has many advantages.

It is very handy and portable.

Even an old person in the house can work with it.

So, If you are thinking of getting a lightweight ladder, we highly suggest you buy any of the above-mentioned ladders.

P.S.: Do let us know for which purpose you want the ladder in the comment section.

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