how to use step ladder on stairs

How To Use Step Ladder On Stairs? : 3 Ways Explained

There are times when we have to use a step ladder on the stairs. Be it hanging a picture on the stairwell or cleaning the spider webs. But how to use step ladder on stairs?

Normally you cannot use a step ladder on stairs unless it has adjustable legs. To use a step ladder on stairs, you will have to:

  1. Build a ladder platform to use the step ladder, or
  2. Get one online from Amazon. Another thing you can do is
  3. Buy an adjustable step ladder that can be used on stairs and anywhere else.

Let us dive into the topic now.

How To Use Step Ladder On Stairs?

Okay, as mentioned above, let see each point one by one and how they help you use the step ladder on the stair.

Build A Ladder Platform To Use On Stairs

A ladder platform can make using the step ladder on stairs easy and safe. Basically, it is a platform that you can place on the stairs and put the step ladder on it.

The ladder platform provides an even surface to place the legs of the step ladder. and you can build one yourself at home!

Here is what you need to build a ladder platform yourself:

  • Plywood
  • Pine board
  • Circular and Miter saw
  • Drill with drill bits and drivers
  • 2 inch and 1 ½ inch screws
  • Level and tape measure

Here is a complete guide on how to make the ladder platform:

Build a Ladder Platform to Use on Stairs –


You can follow their step by step guide to build a ladder platform yourself at home.


Get Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform For Use With Step Ladders

If you do not want to build a ladder platform yourself, you can perhaps get on from Amazon!

Hailo TP1 staircase platform is an adjustable and easily transportable staircase platform that you can get from Amazon.

Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform
Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform

It can support a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds which is enough to use for people of all age-group.

The platform is made of high strength aluminum so that you can work with confidence when using it. Also, the surface of the platform is non-slip print to prevent the legs of the step-ladder from slipping.

Another good thing is, the platform comes with a 10 years limited warranty. So you can use the platform in the long run.

Other Specifications

Weight: 20 pounds

Dimension: 37.8 x 31 x 2.5 inches

Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Shape: Rectangular

Learn more about the ladder platform on Amazon.


Use Adjustable Step Ladder

Well, there is another way around. And that is to use an adjustable step ladder.

An Adjustable step ladder is a step ladder whose legs can be adjusted as per the surface where you want to place your ladder.

And since the steps of the stairs are uneven, an adjustable step ladder is the best ladder you can use.

Here are some recommended step ladders if you are interested in getting one:

Little Gaint Adjustable Select Step Step-Ladder

This ladder is our first pick for working on stairs. All the Little Gaint Ladders are well built and you can rely on them for safety while working on stairs.

Little Gaint Adjustable Step-Ladder
Little Gaint Adjustable Step-Ladder

Each side of this step ladder can be adjusted and extended telescopically to place it on stairs and uneven ground.

The Air deck work station provides and space to keep all your tools while you work. This provides stability and comfort while working on heights.

Step-ladder is light-weight and easy to move tip and glide wheels.

Learn more about the adjustable step ladder on Amazon.


CharaHOME Adjustable Telescopic Step Ladder

Another recommended ladder is CharaHome Step ladder. It is a light-weight step ladder that weighs just 20.28 pounds.

Plus, the telescopic legs allow you to adjust the height of the legs as per the requirements so that they stay stable on the stairs.

CharaHOME Adjustable Telescopic Step Ladder
CharaHOME Adjustable Telescopic Step Ladder

This ladder is perfect for both indoor and outdoor as it is durable and built with high-quality aluminum.

Interested? Click here to check it on Amazon.




So! That was all about how to use step ladder on stairs. The option of using a ladder platform is best.

But you don’t want to build one or buy one online, then getting an adjustable ladder is perhaps the best and the cost of the platform and the adjustable ladders is almost the same.

Cheers! Good day.