Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution

Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution: The Good, The Bad And The Worse

If you are stuck between Little Gaint Xtreme VS Revolution, then this article is for you.

It so often happens that when we are looking for a ladder for a very specific purpose, we get stuck choosing between two or three very similar options.

Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution

NameLittle Gaint XtremeLittle Gaint Revolution
Ladder Weight (in pounds)34.5, 41.5, 52.531.5, 38.0, 49.5
Available Sizes(In Feet)17, 22, 2617, 22, 26
Weight Capacity300 Pounds300 Pounds
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But the dilemma starts when two ladders from two brands look identical through the naked eye. We become confused about which would suit us the best since the only apparent difference seems to be the brand.

Looking at the ratings is not much help either, especially if both the ladders are of leading brands and equally high grade.

Separate reviews of the ladders do not help much; in fact, constantly going from one to the other will confuse us. That is where comparison reviews come in and accomplish what nothing else can.

Their confusion is doubled by the fact that both ladders are of the same company and the same kind. Both Little Giant Xtreme and Little Giant Revolution have star reviews and owners of both will vouch for their quality, security, and ease of use.

In this comparison review, both the ladders have been laid down side by side and compared as clinically as possible.

Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution

Let us dive into the detailed comparison of both the ladders.

Little Giant Xtreme

The Xtreme line of Little Giant is one of the most successful ones released by the company. It is a versatile multiway ladder with a high degree of adjustability. Given below are some of its useful features:

  • It comes with 50% wider rungs that make it more comfortable to stand on and work for long hours. 
  • The triple-lock hinges can be operated comfortably with palm pressure. The four pins instead of two are meant to provide greater safety. It also allows the inner and outer parts of the ladder to be separated and used to form the two trestles for the scaffolding configuration.
  • The ladder can also be used in the step, extension, 90°, and staircase configurations, allowing, in all, 24, 33, or 43 different ways of usage depending on the model.
  • Inbuilt locks allow the height of the ladder to be changed with just a click. The lock is strong enough to hold the rails in place eve with a load of up to 300 pounds on the ladder.
  • Tip and Glide wheels are useful in simply rolling the ladder from one place to another without lugging it.
  • The ladder is made of aluminum, which makes it extremely light for its size and imparts scratch and corrosion resistance to it.
  • AirDeck Workstation and Fuel Tank Paint Tray are useful additions in the package. The former is a magnetic work tray cum hand support that is great for storing your tools while working. The latter is useful for painters since its main use is to hold paint.
  • The ratchet leg system allows each of the four legs to be extended independently so that no matter how uneven the ground is, you can adjust to it.

Needless to say, if you have the Xtreme ladder in your home, you will not need any other.

Little Giant Revolution

The Revolution series of Little Giant stands right up there with Xtreme. It has every feature and add-on that is expected of a good multiway ladder. Let us look at its most notable features:

It is made using Lite Wave Technology, with aerospace-grade aluminum that, despite making it 20% lighter, is still the most durable material for a ladder.

Little Giant Revolution
Little Giant Revolution

Like the Xtreme, the Revolution too can be used as five different ladder types and 24, 33 or 43 different configurations, which include different sizes of the step ladder, extension ladder, staircase ladder, 90° ladder and, a scaffolding system. The two trestles of the scaffold can be formed out of one ladder itself by pulling the inner and outer units apart.

  • Wide rungs and flared legs are meant to provide full stability and comfort while working.
  • The Revolution also uses quad lock hinges, with four pins to prevent any wobbliness.
  • MAG4 hinge sports magnetic palm buttons for quick and easy adjustment and accessibility of tools.
  • It sports Rock Locks that help adjust the heights of the ladder legs easily.
  • Exceeds all OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards.
  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure safety on slippery grounds like tiles or wet soil.
  • Tip and Glide wheels come in handy here too, for easily transporting the ladder from one point to another.
  • Ratchet legs allow 8.5 inches of adjustment, so this ladder allows you to work on widely uneven ground.

AS you can see, the Little Giant Revolution is fully equipped to be the multiway ladder of choice for you.

Comparison of Features: Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution

As we discussed above, there is a lot similar between the Xtreme and the Revolution. But they are not identical per se.

There are some fundamental differences in the ladders and two of these are especially noteworthy. The first is the Comfort Step. The Xtreme model has this feature while the Revolution one lacks it.

The other is the material used for the Rock Locks and Quad Hinges. The Xtreme ladder uses plastic parts while the Revolution one has metal components. Other than that, these ladders are the same.

Comparison of Specifications

After comparing the features, it is important to compare the exact specifications. While this may seem like a redundant step, there is an advantage in it. Comparing the specifications often brings out the minor details that will go on to have a large effect on the appropriateness of the ladder for the kind of work that you do. This will become clear soon.




Duty Rating

300 lb

300 lb




Models available

M17, M22, M26

M17, M22, M26

Maximum stepladder height

7′, 9′, 11′

7′, 9′, 11′

Minimum stepladder height

4′, 5′, 6′

4′, 5′, 6′

Maximum extension height

15′, 19′, 23′

15′, 19′, 23′

Minimum extension height

9′, 11′, 13′

9′, 11′, 13′

Base width

24.5″, 27.5″, 31.0″

23.0″, 26.5″, 31.0″

Storage Height

4’7″, 5’7″, 6’7″

4’7″, 5’7″, 6’7″

Ladder weight

34.5 lbs, 41.5 lbs, 52.5 lbs

31.5 lbs, 38.0 lbs, 49.5 lbs

Another important detail that could not be added to this table is that of the rung width. While the rung width of the Revolution ladder is 3.5″, the only information available for the Xtreme is that its rungs are 50% wider.

Comparing the specifications above, two very important differences are thrown up. These pertain to the base width of the ladders and their weights.

You will notice that the base widths of the M17 and M22 for the Xtreme model are greater than those for the Revolution model.

Thus, if you buy these lower models, the Xtreme will be more suitable if you require greater stability while the Revolution is more useful in case you need to get closer to your work or if you work in cramped spaces.

In the same vein, the greater weight of the Xtreme provides greater stability while the lighter Revolution is easier to carry around.

Pros of Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution

While both the ladders are a charm to use, each has certain features that give them an edge over the other in certain cases. These are mentioned below:



Comfortable to work on due to Comfort Step

Lightweight due to design and material

Stable due to greater weight and a wider base

Portable due to lighter and smaller body

More electricity safe due to plastic non-conducting parts

Durable due to full aerospace-grade aluminum body

Cons of Little Giant Xtreme vs Revolution

It is quite natural that the advantage one ladder has is a shortcoming the other must bear. This is laid out succinctly below:



Greater weight makes it harder to carry

Design not optimized for home usage

Takes up greater storage space

Fewer accessories provided

Which One Should You Buy

The small details that help you tell these ladders apart are also the reason why one ladder is more suited for a certain kind of purpose than the other. The Xtreme is more suitable for housework while the Revolution is best used for professional purposes. Let us see why:

The Xtreme, being bulkier and wider at the base, might provide stability to laymen who use the ladder sparingly. But for professionals, the lighter, more compact Revolution is easier to carry around and fit in difficult spaces. Stability is not an issue for them as using the ladder all the time has made them pros.

Similarly, the Comfort Step gives extra support and security to those using it around their house. But this step takes up space on the top through which most workers put their hand to lift the ladder for carrying.

While the plastic hinge and lock parts stay warm in winter and so, are more comfortable to homeowners, the durability of the metal parts is more valuable to the professional.

This makes it clear that if you plan to use the ladder for personal reasons, the Xtreme model is the one for you while if you are buying a ladder for work, you should go for the Revolution.


Ladders are often lifelong investments. They are costly and it would be a shame to find out that you bought the wrong one after making the payment. We hope that this article on Little Giant Xtreme VS Revolution comparison and review will help you buy the right ladder.

If you are looking for a top-grade multiway ladder and have narrowed it down to the Xtreme and the Revolution, this guide will help you make an informed decision about which is the right one for you.