Industrial Ladder With Wheels

Industrial Ladders With Wheels: Top 5 Picks For Every Industrial Work

It is well-known that the ladders we use at home are generally not used for commercial and industrial purposes. The reason is that the needs of industrial establishments are far more intensive than the needs of homeowners. Therefore, industrial ladders with wheels are more heavy-duty, durable, and have extra precautionary measures added.

5 Best Industrial Ladders With Wheels

ImageLadderPlatform HeightLoad CapacityCheck Price
Tri-Arc 2-Step Rolling Industrial Ladder20 inches450 pounds
Tri-Arc 3-Step Rolling Industrial Ladder30 inches450 pounds
Ballymore 4 Step Lock-N-Stock Folding Ladder38 inches350 pounds
EGA 5-Step Industrial Rolling Ladder50 inches450 pounds
EGA 60 Standard Slope 6 Steps Ladder60 inches400 pounds

How To Choose An Industrial Ladder

Height Of The Ladder

The height of the industrial ladder with wheels that you buy depends on the height at which you need to work, known as the working height.

In the industry, instead of relying on the same ladder with adjustable height, people usually go for separate ladders for safety and sturdiness.

Therefore, the first step to knowing what height your ladder must be is to measure the working height for the task you need the ladder for.

Once you know, subtract 60 inches or 5 feet from it to obtain the platform height. This represents the height of the platform of the ladder, which is the highest one can climb on any industrial ladder.

The 5 feet is taken as an average of the convenient working height from the platform.

Number Of Steps

You can find out the number of steps you need the ladder to have from the platform height.

Convert the height into inches and divide it by 10. This is because 10 inches is the usual step height for most industrial ladders with wheels.

While there are obviously ladders that do not conform to this standard, we are dealing with the general norm here. Since industrial ladders with wheels are all straight ladders, they cannot have more than 16 steps.

Width Of Ladder

The width of the ladder must be decided to keep in mind a lot of factors.

The first is the purpose of the ladder. If you are going to use the ladder to carry something of a certain size and the width turns out to be too narrow for that, then the ladder becomes useless.

Therefore, you must figure out the maximum width you need the ladder to be to allow all common tasks easily and conveniently.

Also, consider whether the places the ladder will be kept during use and storage will allow the space for a ladder of that width. The standard step widths for industrial rolling ladders are 16, 24, and 30 inches.

5 Best Industrial Ladders With Wheels

Tri-Arc 2-Step Rolling Industrial & Warehouse Ladder

Tri-Arc is one of the industry leaders in rolling industrial ladders and it delivers with this two-step ladder too.

A large, deep platform surrounded by tall, reinforced handrails ensure that a person can work safely and without fatigue for long hours.

Tri-Arc 2-Step Rolling Industrial & Warehouse Ladder
Tri-Arc 2-Step Rolling Industrial & Warehouse Ladder

The serrated tread not only provides superior slip resistance but also shows self-cleaning properties.

This ladder uses spring-loaded casters so that the locking system deploys automatically when the ladder is in use.

A gray, powder-coated finish protects the ladder material in all kinds of environments while giving it the right look.

It complies with OSHA 1910.29 and ANSI A14.7 standards so that you can work on it without worrying about safety.


Big Top Platform

The ladder has an extra-large top platform that is deeper than its base step.

This ensures full comfort and safety of the user when they are working.

It gives the user a lot of space to move around and work comfortably without needing to overreach.

Positive Locking System

In spite of being a two-step ladder only, it features a positive locking system with a pedal release, which most manufacturers don’t bother with for short rolling industrial ladders.

This locking system engages the moment the person steps up on the first step of the ladder.

Thus, there is no chance of the ladder rolling away and causing the person to fall.

Easy Maneuverability

This ladder is not very bulky but packs in a lot of rails and bars. Besides having a safety factor associated with this, it also helps people move the ladder quickly and easily from one place to another without a lot of effort.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 20 x 29 x 56 inches
Weight: 81 lbs
Platform height: 20 inches
Platform dimensions (width x depth): 16 x 20 inches
Step dimensions (width x depth): 16 x 7 inches
Number of steps: 2
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 450 lbs

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Tri-Arc 3-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder

As a three-step ladder, this Tri-Arc model is one of the most popular in the market. It has all the right features and the most suitable dimensions to make it perfect to work within any kind of industrial or commercial workplace.

Tri-Arc 3-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder
Tri-Arc 3-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder

It uses spring-loaded casters so that the ladder locks into place the moment someone steps on it, providing full safety.

It also maintains full compliance with the OSHA 1910.29 and ANSI A14.7 standards.

The use of tubular steel construction not only provides sturdiness in its structure but also gripping comfort.


Slip Resistance
The steps of the ladder have perforated treads. This type of tread is known to provide exceptional grip between the step and the shoe and thus, creates a safe level of slip resistance for the user.
All Environment-friendly
The construction and features of the ladder make it perfect for usage in any kind of environment. Whether you are working indoor or outdoor, in an industrial area or in warehouses, it suits all kinds of work settings.

Easy Fit

The 16-inch width of the ladder ensures that you can fit it even in narrow aisles and small spaces without having to bump or scratch surfaces. As a result, you do not have to buy another ladder for working in cramped areas.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 20 x 27 x 66 inches
Weight: 44.2 lbs
Platform height: 30 inches
Platform dimensions (width x depth): 16 x 10 inches
Step width: 16 inches
Number of steps: 3
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 450 lbs

Ballymore 4 Step Lock-N-Stock Folding Ladder

The Ballymore ladder is quite unique in that it has an inclination angle or pitch of 58 degrees.

This makes it slightly more comfortable than the conventional 60-degree ladders but does not take up as much space while reducing the height. Being light and sturdy, it is easy to use for everyone.

Ballymore 4 Step Lock-N-Stock Folding Ladder
Ballymore 4 Step Lock-N-Stock Folding Ladder

It meets ANSI 14.2 standards to ensure the strength and security of using the ladder. The ladder can be locked in both the folded and the open position for added safety.

Its powder blue color gives it a unique look among its usual drab grey counterparts.


Folded Transportation
The Ballymore is the only ladder in this list that is a folding industrial ladder with wheels. This means that when you need to move the ladder, you can do it easily by folding it, making it compact and easier to manoeuver.

Walk-through Top

Since this ladder does not have a back handrail, it can easily act as an access ladder too. The walk-through top step also allows users to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible with a rail.

Compact Storage

The folding feature of the ladder has another advantage besides ease of transportation. It also helps for storage that the ladder can contract to a small size and can thus be fitted in small spaces without occupying too much volume.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 24 x 30 x 60 inches
Weight: 43 lbs
Platform height: 38 inches
Folded depth: 10 inches
Step dimensions (width x depth): 16 x 7 inches
Inclination Angle: 58°
Number of steps: 4
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 350 lbs

EGA 5-Step Industrial Rolling Ladder

One of the safest industrial ladders with wheels to use in this list is this EGA Products one. Its durability and strength make it a perfect addition to any workplace.

EGA 5-Step Industrial Rolling Ladder
EGA 5-Step Industrial Rolling Ladder

The ladder comes with 3-inch spring-loaded casters that fold to place the rubber-tipped legs firmly on the floor so that the worker can climb safely from the first step.

Constructed and tested in compliance with OSHA standards, the ladder provides assured safety to every customer.

Its perforated treads are anti-slip and give the traction needed for safe climbing at all times.


Assembled Design
The biggest USP of this ladder is its welded construction.

Therefore, this means that the ladder comes in the assembled form and customers do not need to expend time and effort to bring it together, eliminating much of the hassle of buying industrial ladders with wheels.

Wide Steps
This EGA ladder has steps that are 24 inches wide. The extra width provides greater room to the user for climbing, standing, and working.

This is not only more comfortable for the person but also much safer.

Rail Support
Unlike many industrial ladders with wheels, the handrails of this ladder extend up to the bottom step.

This provides extra support to the user, from the first step to the last.

The curved side rails provide a uniform angle of the rail to the slope of the ladder to the person at each step.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 29 x 40 x 94 inches
Weight: 76 lbs
Platform height: 50 inches
Step dimensions (width x depth): 24 x 9.5 inches
Number of steps: 5
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 450 lbs

EGA 60 Standard Slope Ladders – 6 Steps

One of the most versatile, useful, and user-friendly industrial ladders with wheels in the market, this EGA ladder is a worker’s faithful companion in all kinds of industrial site work.

It has an extra deep top step that helps the worker move freely while working without jeopardizing their safety.

The 4-inch spring-loaded casters are built to work smoothly with the Ezy-Lock system for a safe climb.

You can choose between the perforated EZY Tread or the slip-resistant Grip Strut Tread for the product you receive, as is suitable for your workplace.


Sturdy Square Tubes

This EGA ladder is constructed using square tubes instead of round ones. While square tubing is not as comfortable to hold as round tubing, it gives greater strength, sturdiness, and the ability to tolerate intensive use and abuse in even the harshest environments.

Ezy-Lock system
The ladder employs the Ezy-Lock system as its locking mechanism.

This ensures that as soon as the user steps on the ladder, it gets released and plants the legs of the ladder firmly in the ground to allow a secure climbing experience.

Safety Standards Compliant
As a reputed company for industrial ladders with wheels, EGA Products ensure that all its products are manufactured in compliance with the prevailing industry standards.

This ladder is no different. It complies with all the latest ANSI and OSHA standards for safe usage.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 50 x 25 x 96 inches
Weight: 117 lbs
Platform height: 50 inches
Platform dimensions (width x depth): 20 x 14 inches
Step depth: 7 inches
Number of steps: 6
Inclination angle: 60°
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 400 lbs

Tri-Arc 11-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder

Tall industrial ladders are a significant necessity in all kinds of industries, but the greater height also means they need to be constructed with extra care.

This Tri-Arc 11-step ladder delivers in that respect. Its Step-Lock positive locking system firmly plants the ladder to the ground as soon as the user steps on it.

Tri-Arc 11-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder
Tri-Arc 11-Step Rolling Industrial and Warehouse Ladder

The perforated treads provide the optimum level of slip resistance for full traction and safe working.

The 50-degree safety angle and extra deep top and bottom steps ensure the security of the user from accidents.

This ladder also complies with all OSHA and ANSI standards for years or safe usage.


Safe Inclination Angle
This ladder is the sole member of this list that features a true safety inclination angle of 50 degrees. It helps users carry bulky or heavy loads up and down the ladder safely and comfortably without the fear of tripping or missing a step.

Deeper First Step
The first step of the ladder is 1.5 inches deeper than the rest. This helps the user find a secure footing when first stepping on the ladder.

It is quite a useful safety feature, especially for those who are carrying substantial loads.

Reinforced Frame

The 1 x 2 inches reinforced back and bottom frames of the ladder make it especially sturdy and prevent any wobbling.

It is essential for a ladder with as many as 11 steps and makes working at such a height free of equipment hazards.


Dimensions (width x depth x height): 144 x 40 x 21 inches
Weight: 242 lbs
Platform height: 110 inches
Platform dimensions (width x depth): 24 x 17 inches
Step dimensions (width x depth): 24 x 8.5 inches
First step depth: 10 inches
Number of steps: 11
Inclination angle: 50°
Material: Steel
Load capacity: 450 lbs

Things To Consider When Buying Industrial Ladders With Wheels

Industrial ladders with wheels need to be bought with extra caution because of the greater risks involved.

People use industrial rolling ladders for intensive and active work involving lots of weight, tools, or machinery.

Unless all features of the ladder being used are correct, it could turn out to be fatal.

It is imperative to the following factors when buying an industrial ladder with wheels.


The height of the ladder being considered must be in accordance with the working height of the task you are going to buy it for.

The right way to calculate this height has already been discussed in a previous section.

It is essential to not make even the slightest compromise in this respect as trying to overreach or get across obstructions can result in accidents.

And it is well-known that workplace accidents are far more dangerous than in domestic areas.


The type of rolling industrial ladder you use strictly depends on the kind of work you are planning to undertake.

All the different types of ladders have been explained above and they should pretty much cover all the necessary scenarios in which you may need an industrial ladder with wheels.

However, if you feel that they do not, you should contact manufacturers that customize industrial ladders and let them know your requirements to see if they are possible and feasible.


When talking about the size of the ladder, the width and depth of the ladder, as well as its individual steps and the top step, are in question.

If bulky goods will be handled across the ladder, higher dimensions are preferable.

But if the space the ladder will be used in is small or crowded, a smaller size will work better.

In case both these conditions apply, a safe and convenient balance must be reached.


There are three main materials that are utilized for making industrial ladders with wheels. These are steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Steel is used for most general purposes. Stainless steel is preferred for heavy-duty work in corrosive or outdoor environments.

Aluminum is preferred when a light ladder is needed due to transport and mobility issues but corrosion and weather-resistance are also necessary.


There are four main types of treading utilized in industrial ladders with wheels.

Which you opt to get depends on the function that has greater priority in your workplace.

If you work in a really wet or slippery place or do intensive work that calls for the highest level of slip resistance, like docks, you should use serrated tread.

If you do heavy-duty work in a semi-exposed environment with medium amounts of dust and moisture, like shops and warehouses, the perforated metal tread is best as it gives a good balance between slip resistance and sturdiness.

The expanded metal tread is best used for outdoor purposes or in spaces where there is a lot of debris and you need your shoe soles clean.

The spaces in between the cables allow the materials to fall through. But, if you carry too much weight on them, they will get depressed.

The abrasive mat tread works best in sheltered environments like offices and retail areas. They provide full-bodied support and good slip resistance.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of the rolling industrial ladder is an indication of the maximum weight that can be carried onto the ladder, including the user and the materials they are carrying.

Safety regulations require the ladder to be tested for 4 times the designated weight capacity.

Also, it is quite natural that the conventional load capacities of industrial ladders will be much greater than that of domestic-use ladders since they are required to carry much greater weights in general.

Load capacity for industrial ladders with wheels start from 300 lbs and go up to 450 lbs, 500 lbs, 600 lbs, and even 800 lbs.

Safety Standard Compliance

The rolling industrial ladder should also have passed all necessary safety standard tests like OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and any other applicable ones. This ensures the reliability and durability of the ladder.


Using an industrial ladder entails a lot of responsibility; after all, a lot of lives are on the line, including yours.

It depends on the careful and compliant use of the ladder and maintaining a safe working protocol at all times.

It also depends on choosing the right industrial ladder with wheels. We hope that this guide should help you do just that without any difficulty or confusion.