Painters' Step Ladders

Painters’ Step Ladders: 5 Best Step Ladders For Painting

Step ladders are the lightest and affordable ladders out there. No doubt why they are used by lots of painters these days for interior and exterior painting.

In this post, I am going to share the list of 5 painters’ step ladders that are considered the best step ladders for painting walls.

Painters' Step Ladders

ImageLadderWeight CapacityMax HeightCheck Price
Little Giant Select-Step StepLadder300 Pounds10 Feet
Cosco Signature Series Step Ladder300 Pounds6 Feet
Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Stepladder300 Pounds6 Feet
Hailo Step Ladder With Platform330 Pounds6 Feet
Louisville AS3010 Step Ladder300 Pounds10 Feet

Best Painters’ Step Ladders For Painting Works

There are several step ladders for interior & exterior house painting. But these are some of the top-quality step ladders that are used for painting purposes.

Let’s see them one by one.

Little Giant 6-10 Feet Select Step Ladder

This is our number one recommendation for both interior and exterior painting. And we have some good reasons for that.

Little Giant 6-10 Feet Step Ladder
Little Giant 6-10 Feet Step Ladder
  1. It is fully adjustable: Not only it has got adjustable legs that can be placed on uneven ground but also, its height is adjustable. You can decrease or increase the height of the ladder up to 10 feet.
  2. Comfortable and easy to transport:  The steps are wider than any other ladder of this segment. Wider steps equal a comfortable and fatigue-free working experience. Plus, the wheels make the transportation of the step ladder easy.

Since it uses aluminum, it is very lightweight, just 45 pounds. But can hold weight up to 275 pounds. It exceeds the ANSI and OSHA standards and is safer than any conventional ladder out there.

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Cosco Signature Series Step Ladder

Cosco ladder is a very light-weighted stepladder, that is used for interior & exterior painting purposes by professionals.

Cosco Signature Series Step Ladder
Cosco Signature Series Step Ladder

The body of this stepladder is made up of high-grade aluminum that can bear weight up to 300 pounds.

It comes with one hand lock and releases latch that makes folding this ladder super easy.

The stepladder had a large platform step with a slip-resistant tread design that makes painting works more conveniently.

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Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Stepladder

One of the commonly used multi-step ladders by professionals for interior & exterior painting purposes is the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite stepladder.

Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Stepladder
Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Stepladder

Similar to other Little Gaint products, this stepladder is made from high-quality aluminum and has a load capacity of 300 pounds.

The weight is just 14 pounds, thus it is easy to transport, set up, and move around when working.

The comfortable standing platform makes the Flip-N-Lite ideal for long-term usage. While the extra-wide rungs prevent foot fatigue.

It has also got lock adjusters which help your ladder into different configurations namely step ladders, extension, trestle & plank.

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Hailo Step Ladder With Platform

The Hailo step ladder is another very frequently used ladder for painting.

Hailo Step Ladder
Hailo Step Ladder

It is mainly used for 1 storied & 2 storied interior & exterior house painting.

Made with steel & aluminum this stepladder uses galvanized steel platforms with non-slip ribbing.

It is a multi-purpose ladder with an accessories tray for holding tools, cans of paints & other small tools, it also features rails & plenty of legroom.

Weighing just 16.06 pounds, it can easily hold weight up to 330 pounds.

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Louisville 10 Feet Step Ladder

The Louisville step ladder is made up of fiberglass and has a load capacity of 300 lbs.

It has an innovative raptor top with a magnet, multiple tool slots & SHOX impact absorption system.

Louisville 10 Feet Step Ladder
Louisville 10 Feet Step Ladder

It comes in seven different sizes, starting from (7 to 12). It has other important multi-functions such as raptor boot with slip-resistant non-marring bonded tread, inside spreader braces, double rivet step constructions, and many more.

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Safety measures when using painting Ladders

The capacity of a ladder: Each & every ladder has its own carrying capacity depending upon its size and duty level.

One should choose a ladder according to work procedure & how much weight you are going to put on it.

Choosing the right product: choosing the correct ladder is always necessary to do the work smoothly.

So to choose the right ladder one should keep some factors to mind such as the height of the house, area to cover, carrying capacity, duty level e.t.c

Have a helper: A helper is always required to assist the work, which helps to run the project faster & smoother, having a helper is necessary to do complete the work within time

Follow maintenance & safety guidelines: maintaining strong guidelines helps to keep the person safe & sound, some of the safety guidelines are as follows:

1) keep all the ladder and ladder accessories maintained in good condition all the times

2) maintain a three-point contact ( two hand & a foot or two feet & a hand)when climbing/descending a ladder

3) keep your body centered between side rails.

Provide training to the user: A user might not have the exact idea to use the ladder, for this one should get proper training & knowledge of that exact ladder which he/she will be using for the assigned job.

How To Choose A Step Ladder

A good ladder is required if you are going to paint your home’s interior & exterior, with the exact choice of ladders one can be productive & safe.

Like the experts and professional painters choose a ladder that will be strong, stable & lightweight.

The little giant multi-ladder is the most versatile & useful ladder for both interior & exterior painting

It can adjust to make working on uneven grounds and it can go high to get it peaks so the work can be done smoothly & it can also be used as a stable step ladder for low works as well.

So one should choose ladder on some basic factors & these factors are mentioned & described below.

Ladder Size

To get an exact idea that how high the ladder you are going to need to reach the highest peaks of your house one should have a basic idea about a one-storied home, two-storied home.

So if you are painting the exterior of a one-storied home you would roughly need a reach of 10 feet and a two-storied home will need a 20 feet ladder depending upon the construction of the home.

  •  One story home = 10 feet height
  • Two story home = 20 feet height
  • 2.5 story home = 25 feet (approx)
  • 3 story home = 30 feet

So considering the above factors we should choose the ladder height for the interior & exterior painting of a home.

Approx highest standing level

The little giant multi ladder have various standing heights for its different variants, A multi ladder have four different variants with

 Max frame


             5.1         7.1              9.1               11.1
    Max extension


            11            15              19                 23
Max scaffolding height                  3              3                3                 3
Max work bench height                  3               4                5                5
Min A- frame height                3.1             4.1              5.1                6.1
Min Extension height                  7               9               11                 13

Maximum Ladder Reach

While determining the size(reach) of the ladder for interior or exterior painting projects, you should remember that the height that is mentioned on the ladder might not be the actual height stated on the ladder & u may not reach the desired height while using it.

The height which is listed on the ladder simply means how tall the ladder is.

When the ladder is angled automatically the ladder will not reach the mentioned height, it will lose some height because it is angled.

Also while using the ladder you should never on the top of the ladder, you should never stand higher than the third rung from the top.

So actually the working reach is typically less than 24 feet.

Always you should keep in your mind that the maximum reach of the ladder will always be 1-3 feet less than the mentioned height, so one should keep the above-mentioned factors before buying a ladder for interior & exterior painting purposes.


Interior & exterior painting of two-story and three-story buildings could be a tough & hectic job to do.

If one is not that confident to do it by itself, it would be better to hand it to the professionals who could do the same job with ease & way more preciseness.

If someone planning to do it by itself then he/she should go through the above guidelines to do the work safely & soundly.

You should estimate your work and upon that you should choose your ladder according to your requirement to get the job done, for that you should check all the ladders & their variants available in the market.