Scaffolding for Painting Stairs

5 Best Scaffolding For Painting Stairs 2024: Our Top Picks

First thing first, painting the staircase area is a very risky job.

And if you are finding the best scaffolding for painting stairs, then congratulations, you are doing the absolutely right job.

Scaffolding For Painting Stairs

Image Scaffolding Capacity Dimension Check Price
MetalTech Telescopic Aluminium Scaffold ‎250 Pounds ‎12.13 x 72.63 x 2.25 inches
Little Gaint Scaffolding Ladder System ‎250 Pounds 3 x 11 x 72 inches
CBM 7 Feet Aluminum Scaffold ‎250 Pounds ‎84 x 20 x 2 inches
Little Giant 10069 Plank ‎250 Pounds ‎72 x 12 x 3 inches
Titan 7 Foot All Aluminium Scaffold Plank 250 Pounds ‎84 x 19 x 3 inches

Choosing a scaffolding over a leveler or multi-position ladder is the best decision.



  1. Using a normal ladder for a staircase doesn’t work. You won’t be able to stabilize it and climb.
  2. Even if you use a ladder leveler or a multi-position ladder, they won’t give your the flexibility to reach more areas with moving your equipment.
  3. And last but not the list, scaffolding will give your more confidence while working on stairs compared to any ladder and leveling equipment.

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Adjustable ladder for painting stairs
Adjustable Ladder For Painting Stairs

5 Best Scaffolding for Painting Stairs

MetalTech Telescopic Aluminium Scaffold

MetalTech aluminum work plank makes a perfect scaffolding system for painting stairs. This Plank is lightweight, but sturdy and made of high-grade aluminum.

This plank is very sturdy and stable while working. The anti-slip surface makes it secure and easier to work. The plank is adjustable meaning it can its length can be adjusted up to 9 feet.

The plant has gone through a number of quality-control tests and testing procedures to ensure that it is safer to use while working on heights.

The plank weighs 34 pounds and is easy to carry and store. Also, Since the plank is telescopic, it can be stored in a fraction of its total length.

Click here to know more about this scaffold.

Little Gaint Scaffolding Ladder System

The Little Giant plank can be used with any ladder to make a simple and durable scaffolding for painting stairs. The plank has a fixed length of 6 feet, an ideal length for painting any staircase wall.

Little Gaint Scaffolding Ladder System
Little Gaint Scaffolding Ladder System

The plank uses high-quality Aerospace-grade aluminum. It is durable and can we hold weight up to 250 pounds. It can easily hold a person’s weight along with other tools.

Weighing just 17 pounds, this plank is the lightest plank available in the market. Being lightweight and durable, it is
This plank is slip-resistant and has aggressive threads that make it comfortable to use and ensure secure footing.
Little Gaint plank is a perfect alternative to any other expensive and heavyweight scaffolding system.

Product Information

Weight: 17 pounds

Dimension: 3 x 11 x 72 inches

Material: Aluminum
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Scaffolding for painting stairs
5 Best scaffolding for painting stairs

CBM 7 Feet Aluminum Scaffold

CBM 7 Feet Aluminum Scaffold
CBM 7 Feet Aluminum Scaffold

This 7 feet long Scaffolding by CBM has a Reading of 75 pounds per square foot. Build with high-grade aluminum, this scaffold is durable and weighs just 29 pounds.

The length of the scaffold is 7 feet. While the width of the scaffold is 19.25 inches. The plank has enough space to walk around and use comfortably.

The three hooks on this scaffold ensure safe and easy installation. Also, it prevents slipping of the scaffold on the ladder. The hooks and the plank is strong enough to hold your weight along with the tools.
This plank is designed for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. So if you are planning to Paint walls outside walls or maybe also the kitchen still you can use this plank.

Product Information

Weight:29 pounds

Extension Lenght: 7 feet

Dimension: 84 x 20 x 2 inches

Material: Aluminum

Hooks: 3

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Little Giant 10069 Plank

The Little Giant 10069 plank is one of the best planks available for making scaffolding for painting stairs. The plank’s maximum length is 9 feet but can be adjusted to 6 to 8 feet in length. This property of the plank makes it the number one choice for making scaffolding. Adjust the length of the plank as per your requirements.

Little Giant 10069 Plank
Little Giant 10069 Plank

The platform is slip-resistance and comes with aggressive treads that ensure comfortable and secure footing while painting stairs.

Build with high-grade aluminum, the plank has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It can hold a person’s weight easily along with other painting tools.

The overall weight of the plank is 30 pounds. This makes storing and moving the plank from one place to another easy, even for ladies.

Product Information

Weight: 32 Pounds

Dimension: 72 x 12 x 3 inches

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Material: Aluminum

Size: 6 to 9 Feet

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Titan 7 Foot All Aluminium Scaffold Plank

Titan All aluminum Scaffold is another great scaffold you can get to paint the staircases. It is 7 feet in length and 19 feet wide, enough wide to work freely on the scaffold.

Titan 7 Foot All Aluminium Scaffold Plank
Titan 7 Foot All Aluminium Scaffold Plank

Made of high-grade aluminum, the scaffold has 75 pounds per square feet capacity. The non-skid surface ensures secure footing while painting the staircases.

Product Information

Weight: 30 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 75 pounds per square foot

Dimension: 84 x 19 x 3 inches

Material: Aluminum

Color: Silver

Check out the latest price and other specifications of this scaffold here.

Safety Tips For Using Scaffolding While Painting Staircases

Working on scaffolding can be potentially dangerous. And it is important to take the necessary precautions you must take while working on scaffoldings.

Here are some safety tips for using scaffoldings.

  • Make sure you have placed the planks/scaffolds properly before climbing on them. Make sure it doesn’t slip while you climb or move while painting.
  • Wear shoes before while working on scaffolds. It will avoid slipping and prevent injuries.


So here was the list of best scaffolding for painting stairs. Get any of these top-quality scaffolds. Also, these scaffolds can be used for other purposes like cleaning high ceilings or painting the outer walls.