Ladder Levelers For Stairs

5 Best Ladder Levelers For Stairs: Recommended By Professionals

Using a ladder on a tricky business.

Using a normal ladder 0n stairs is really unsafe and cause fatal injuries.

So the professionals strictly tell not to use normal ladders when working on stairs.

Best Staircase Ladder Levelers

Image Leveler Capacity Dimension Check Price
ProVisionTools Ladder Leveling Tool 500 pounds 15.7 x10 x 21.6 inches
Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Pro 900 pounds 23.6 x 5.1 x 3 inches
Levelok Permanent Style Ladder Leveler 375 pounds 22.5 x 7 x 4.2 inches
Quick Connect Ladder leveler 375 pounds 23 x 6 x 8 inches
Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform 330 pounds 37.8 x 31 x 2.5 inches

They suggest either to use a multi-position ladder or a leg leveler.

Now, a multi-position ladder can be expensive and can be out of budget for some people.

If you are one of those people then the ladder levelers for stairs is a better option to go with.

In this post we are reviewing the following top 5 staircase ladder levelers that are best in the market

  • ProVisionTools Ladder Leveling Tool
  • Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Pro
  • Levelok Permanent Style Ladder Leveler
  • Quick Connect Ladder leveler
  • Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform

Top 5 Ladder Levelers For Stairs

Here is the list of 5 ladder levelers that will make working on stairs a lot easier.

ProVisionTools Pivit Ladder Leveling Tool

Made of metal, the ProVision Pivit ladder leveler is a universal fit tool for all your leveling needs. It can be used to level ladders on the stairs and in any terrain.

The Pivit even doubles as a stable platform that will hook onto ladder rungs.

ProVisionTools Pivit Ladder Leveling Tool
ProVisionTools Pivit Ladder Leveling Tool

The Provision ladder leveler is super portable. It doesn’t have any bolts and clamps which means changing from ladder to ladder is easy and quick.

As said earlier, it can be used indoor and outdoor as well. It can be used as a staircase ladder leveler, scaffolding support, etc.

The Pivit ladder tool is made of polypropylene. It is a very strong material and is even used for making car batteries. This ladder leveling tool is durable and strong enough to support 500lbs (270 Kilos), which is way more than the ladders 300lbs, 1 A rating.

Key Specification

Weight: 9.74 pounds (4.41 Kg)

Dimension: 15.7 x 10 x 21.6 inches

Build material: Polypropylene and Metal

Maximum weight capacity: 500 pounds

Warranty: One Year Material & Workmanship

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Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Staircase Ladder Leveler

Note: Ideal Security Ladder Levelers come in two variants. For Type 1AA ladders and Type 2 ladders. Do Check your ladder’s type before getting one.

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Staircase Ladder Leveler
Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Staircase Ladder Leveler

With the Ideal Security ladder leveler, you can use your existing single and extension ladders on stairs.

Its micro-adjustable capabilities of up to 1/8″ make it usable on almost any stairs. It is compact and portable.

No installation is required. Thus swapping ladders is easy.

This ladder-Aide leveler was designed for type II and type III ladder which is owned by most of the house owners and painting contractors.

More aluminum is used to make the LA1 leveler which makes it lightweight and easier to carry and handle.

High-quality steel and aluminum and heavy-duty design make the ladder leveler last long.

Also, with an anti-skid surface and micro-adjustable height, it creates a stable, level base for use in stairways.

That makes it perfect for using it to level ladders to paint staircase lining walls and for hanging photo frames etc.

Key Specification

Weight: 7.2 pounds

Dimension: 23.6 x 5.1 x 3 inches

Build material: Steel, Aluminum

Stress tested with 900lbs

Anti-skid protective rubber pads

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Levelok Permanent Style Ladder Leveler

Levellok ladder leveler works perfectly and safely on uneven grounds, be it to be used ladders on a staircase or to be used in uneven backyards.

This leveler extends up to 10 inches and adapts to nearly any indoor and outdoor situation.

Levelok Permanent Style Ladder Leveler
Levelok Permanent Style Ladder Leveler 

It is a permanent style ladder leveler meaning you need to fix the leveler to both the legs of the ladder before you can use it on the stairs. But, this ladder leveler is easy to install and remove.

This ladder fits for almost all types of ladders like aluminum, fiberglass, extension, double-sided and sectional ladders, except step ladders.


Tripple plated pivoting foot clause of Levlok ladder leveler flips back for ice, snow or gravel.

It creates a good grip at the foot of the leveler to avoid sliding and ensure safety to the user.

Key Specification

Weight: 12.15 pounds (5.51 kilograms)

Dimension: 22.5 x 7 x 4.2 inches

Style: Permanent Mount

Build Material: Aluminum

Maximum weight capacity: 375 pounds ( 170 Kilograms)

Extension Lenght: 10 Inches

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Quick Connect Ladder Leveler

The Quick Connect ladder leveler kit comes with one leveler and two base units.

The base unit mounts to the ladder rails to provide a better grip while the leveler is used to adjust the height of the leg of the ladder.

Also, the leveler can be moved from side to side as per the leveling requirements.

Quick Connect Ladder Leveler
Quick Connect Ladder Leveler

The leveler extends up to 10 inches to work safely on staircases and other uneven grounds.

This ladder leveler is one of the best ladder levelers available today and fits almost all types of ladders including Aluminum, fiberglass, and wooden ladders.

This quick-connect ladder meets and exceeds the ANSI and OSHA requirements up to and including Type 1AA.

Key Specification

Weight: 7.75 pounds(3.51 kilograms)

Dimensions 23 x 6 x 8 inches

Build material: Steel

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Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform For Step Ladders

Most use step ladders and step stools to paint and clean staircase walls.

And the Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform is just made for leveling stepstools and stepladders on staircases.

Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform For Step Ladders
Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform For Step Ladders

It is a top-quality leveling platform and If you use stepladders at home, we strongly recommend this product as a ladder leveler for stairs.

Hailo Staircase platform is completely adjustable and easily transportable.

Adjust the height and length of the platform easily with quick release, telescopic support rails, and feet.

Also, It comes with 2 integrated carrying handles for easy transportation and storage.

It works perfectly on more than 5 staircases design.

Be it a straight staircase or a spiral one, the platform can be used on both without any issues.

The build quality of the platform is great. It can support a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs (149.68 kilograms).

Made of high-strength aluminum and a non-slip screen printing plate, this leveling platform is reliable.

Note: Because of its great build quality and functionalities, the Hailo TP1 Staircase Platform has won several products and design awards in Europe!

Key Specification

Weight: 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms)

Dimension: 37.8 x 31 x 2.5 inches

Build Material: Aluminum

Shape: Rectangle

Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds (149.68 kilograms)

How To Use A Staircase Ladder Levelers

  • Make sure the staircase is clean and doesn’t have oil spills or dust over it. Oil and dust may reduce friction and cause mishaps.
  • Also, make sure that the legs of the ladder are adjusted properly with the ladder leveler before climbing.
  • Do check the angle of the inclination of the ladder.


So, here was the list of the 5 best ladder levelers for stairs. You can use any of these levelers to use your ladder on the staircase.

Be it hanging wall pictures, or painting the staircase wall, these levelers will be really useful. Pick any of the recommended ladder levelers and you are good to work on stairs 🙂