What Size Ladder To Clean Gutters

What Size Ladder To Clean Gutters: 3 Things To Consider

This post is the answer to the most frequently asked question: What size ladder to clean gutters or what size ladder to reach gutter?

Cleaning gutters is indeed an important task at home. Be it winterizing your home just before winter hits or cleaning up the gutter before the rainy season. Blocked gutters can not only damage your roofs and walls but it gets really dangerous to clean once water gets gathered.

And one of the main things required to clean gutter is having a good ladder. Ladders help you to reach the gutters in order to clean them.

But when it comes to the size of the ladder, what size ladder to clean gutter?

Well, for a single-story building, the size of the ladder required to clean the gutter is 15 to 17 feet long. While for two-story buildings the double-story building, the ladder needs to be 19 to 22 feet long.

Let us look into the details.

What Size Ladder To Clean Gutters?

Okay, this is quite a simple question to answer. We will give you a generalized formula to calculate the size of the ladder required for cleaning your gutters.

The average height of the ceilings(floor to ceiling distance) is always almost 3.3 meters to 3.4 meters (around 11 feet).

For Single-Story Building

So the height of the first-story house is around 3.5 meters(11-12 feet).

And since the ladders lose some height due to inclination, the best-recommended ladder for clean gutters of a one-story building is 15 feet to 17 feet ladder.

Recommended Ladders

Xtend and Pro Telescopic Ladder

The recommended ladder for cleaning the gutter of single-story building Xtend and Pro Telescopic Ladder

Xtend and Pro Telescopic Ladder
Xtend and Pro Telescopic Ladder
  • The total length of the ladder is 15 feet, enough height to reach and clean the gutter of single-story buildings.
  • Uses airplane grade aluminum
  • Compliance with the latest ANSI/OSHA standard
  • Easy to carry and store

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TopRung 17 Feet Aluminum Ladder

This 17 feet long adjustable ladder can prove to be a great ladder for cleaning ladders. It is strong and sturdy, built with high-quality air-craft grade aluminum, and can hold up to 300 pounds.

TopRung 17 Feet Aluminum Ladder
TopRung 17 Feet Aluminum Ladder
  • Fully assembled, easy to use the ladder
  • built with high-quality air-craft grade aluminum
  • Has wide rungs for better standing positions and safety
  • In compliance with ANSI standard
  • Multi-use ladder

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For Double-Story Building

Now, as we know, the height of the double-story building is about 4.8 meters(around 15.7 feet).  We commend having a ladder of height of at least 5.8 meters(19 feet). And also, make sure that the ladder is strongly built and can hold your weight while you climb and clean gutters.

Recommended Ladders

Here are some recommended ladders that you can buy to clean gutters of two-story buildings.

Little Giant Alta One 22 Foot Ladder

Little Gaint Alta One ladder is one of the best ladders for cleaning ladders. Although all the Little Gaint ladders are of great quality, we especially recommend this ladder for cleaning the gutter of the two-story buildings.

Little Giant Alta One 22 Foot Ladder
Little Giant Alta One 22 Foot Ladder

Made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and great construction, the ladder provides the required stability for clean gutters at such height.

The ladder can hold up to 250 pounds. Also, it comes with wheels, that make it easy to move the ladder from one place to another.

The ladder comes with a work platform that you can use to stand on or keep things while working on the ladder. With a maximum reach of 22 feet, the ladder is the best choice for clean two-story gutters.

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Louisville Ladder FE3220

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Louisville ladder is another top-quality ladder you can buy to clean gutters.

Louisville Ladder FE3220
Louisville Ladder FE3220

The ladder follows the ANSI 14.4 and CSA grade 1 and other safety standards. Mar resistant end caps and steel-plated swivel makes it safer to work on such heights.

The ladder weighs 42 pounds and has a maximum reach of 20 feet. With such height, you can easily clean the gutters.

Learn more about this ladder here.


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Ladder Aides For Cleaning Gutter

Cleaning gutters can really be a tricky task. Here are a few ladder aides that will help will cleaning ladders.

Ladder Stand-off: To protect gutters from the ladder and to give stability.

Ladders can damage your gutters. And it is the case for many while cleaning the gutters. Ladders press against the gutters and damages them.

With ladder stand-off, the ladder doesn’t touch the gutters. Also, it provides stability to the ladder.

Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer
Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer

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Ladder Levelling Tool- To level the ladder on uneven surfaces

Using a ladder on uneven ground can be very dangerous. More dangerous when working on such a height to clean gutters.

ProVision PiVit Ladder Leveller Tool
ProVision PiVit Ladder Leveller Tool

The ladder leveling tool helps you to level your ladder on uneven surfaces. you can adjust the legs with the leveler to make the ladder stable and safe to use.

Click here for more information about the leveler.


So here was the answer to the question – What Size Ladder To Clean Gutters and the recommended ladders for gutter cleaning. It is recommended to buy a ladder that has 2 to 3 feet more length than the height of gutters because the ladder loses height due to inclination.

Also, take great precautions while working on ladders at such heights. Falling from the ladder can be very dangerous and even fatal, so do take care of yourself.